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One Year Later...
The things New York is still teaching me.... It has been one whole year since this Starving Artist moved to this manic and wild city. Once year since packing up an entire apartment in LA, asking Mom to hang onto most of the goods, and moving here with three...

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15 Questions...
…to keep you motivated and accountable. I’d like to share a little tool I’ve been using for the last
couple of months created by Laura Garnett. A friend posted her article on the Book of Face this past
winter when this Artist (and I think a lot of other Art...

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How do we know when it's the right time to unplug? We hear people talk about it a lot. Needing a moment away, and a break from the constant madness of audition life. But it's hard for us. Many Artists feel inadequate if they aren't in constant motion, don't...

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Bitches Work
Sometimes you have awesome friends. Sometimes those friends have blogs. Sometimes they interview you for said blog, and a whole lot of bloggy-cross pollinating madness ensues. Below is my interview with Kathlyn Alford at Bitches Work. She's a hard working, ...

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Daily Affirmation

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Showing Up
I’ve been thinking a lot about worth lately. Specifically how we discern something or
someone’s worth. Not monetarily, but as artists how do we prove that we (or our
art) is worth something? Worth
someone else’s time, attention, and care? Austin Kleon, in S...

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"Imaginative People Have Messier Minds"
Creativity. It's hard to articulate. It's even harder to capture. Many of us consider creativity to be this elusive flash of genius. This lightbulb moment, or a quick spark of ideas that can zoom through our brains without warning. We've all had those momen...

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Winter Blues
We could call them winter blues. Or a post show slump. Or maybe
it's just a minor depression that seeped in practically unnoticed. That scary
feeling that you're not good enough; that you’re inadequate, a joke, or a
burden. We artists are no strangers to th...

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Flip Flopping and Meandering
Coming home from a contract is always an interesting shock to
the system. And that’s before the polar vortex. I guess it’s similar to
when you came home for the summer during college. The constant chatter of
roommates, and cast mates has fallen away and you...

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Back To Life. Back To Reality.
Real life verses out-of-town life... How do you find do the balance between your Starving
Artist life and the mini-actor-utopia you find when working out of town?
Between who you get to be when your show is your only job and who you have to
be in the grind ...
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