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Security Is Hard, But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Ignore It

True that! :)

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aaaand, it's back! :)
Clueful is available again with more features for consumers to learn how iPhone Apps treat their data and #privacy

Check it out for FREE:

Wonder what is new ?

1. A Lot More Apps
We've analyzed over 100,000 apps, covering almost all #free apps. We've also included apps that are only available in the US market. Not others, but we're working on that.

2. New Insights
We know a lot more about apps. These new clues are very powerful indicators of bad behavior:

- apps that upload stuff from your address book to a remote server: emails, contact names or phone numbers( * )
- apps that log you in without encrypting your password, leaving it for all to intercept ( * )
- apps that upload your phone's UDID ( * )
- apps that upload your location to their servers ( * )
- apps that touch (read or write) your calendar

The clues marked ( * ) are obtained by testing the app in our lab, so we actually caught them red handed!

We're running dynamic analysis 24/7. 

3. Search Got Better

If you search for "Facebook" you'll get the Facebook app first. The following will be apps relevant to your search. 
This is a huge usability improvement, since the app is now search-based.
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