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COSTA RICA - Plastic Waste used for Road constructions

Plastic Waste is becoming a growing menace everywhere. One-fourth of the waste generated in Bangalore, India is plastic. KK Plastic Waste Management, has found an innovative solution for Plastic Waste Management. They have discovered a way to use the Waste plastic for constructing roads. Nearly 1200 Kms. of road was constructed by the company in Bangalore city , India by using waste plastic.

Two biggest problems in The world today are the spoiled roads and the overflowing plastic waste. We all know how plastic waste creates problem to the environment. The waste plastic is definitely a great worry for countries around the world. One-fourth of the waste generated in Bangalore city comprises of only plastic.

If the plastic is not utilized properly, we need to dump it as a waste. It is assumed that there is a generation of more than 10,000 tons of waste plastic in India every day. The plastic waste is recycled in India in an unorganized way. Only 60% of the plastic waste collected in recycled and converted to new consumer products while the remaining 40% of the plastic waste is left non utilized. This non utilized plastic does not degenerate or bio-degrade but will remain as it is for lakhs of years. So it would be definitely a problem for the environment.

Mr. Ahmed Khan, Managing Director of KK Plastic Waste Management has discovered a solution to utilize the waste plastic for the construction of roads. Our company developed a technology which turns the plastic waste into a poly blend which can be used in laying of roads. They need at least two tonnes of plastic for every two kilometers of road. The cost for construction of the road is slightly high but it would be compensated by the durability and eco friendly properties.

They have built more than 1,200 kilo meters of road using more than 3,500 tons of plastic waste mostly in Bangalore city. By Mixing plastic with asphalt, we get a compound called polymerized bitumen. When this bitumen is used for roads, it withstands monsoons and everyday wear and tear of the roads in a better way than traditional roads. Normally our roads have a life of 3 to 4 years under normal conditions, but the plastic roads have a life of more than 6 years.

When monsoon rains flooded Mumbai city in 2005, plastic bags were the root cause for the clogging the under ground drainage system and intensifying the effects of floods. One more example of how plastic is dangerous happened in Uttar Pradesh in year 2000. 3000 cows died in UP in the year 2000. It was found after investigation that this was due to plastic bags in their stomachs.
These plastic bags were eaten by those cows as they were grazing for grass at dump sites. Several state governments have banned plastic now.

The waste plastic is normally collected by garbage collectors. They collect the plastic waste from homes and offices and sell it to middlemen who sell it to recycling companies. An average garbage collector gets only Rs.5 per kilogram. But Mr. Khan pays Rs.8 to Rs.12 per kilogram for the plastic waste.

Nearly 35 tons of plastic waste is generated in Bangalore city alone each day and Mr. Khan is using 4 to 5 tons daily for the roads.

So let us hope that in future plasic waste will be utilized fully and there will not be any plastic waste left un utilized and let us look at plastic as a raw material rather than a waste.

I have noticed since living n Costa Rica for the last 2 years that they also have the plastic waste problem in many cities . My love for this beautiful country and Central america in general is my main reason for contacting you at this time . As an active member of the KK Plastics Management team i would like to propose a meeting to discuss this topic as i think that our expanding company can and will help to eradicate plastic waste in Costa Rica as well as improving the roads .

Let us see the environment in future fully plastic free. We cannot avoid using plastic but let us make an attempt to use the plastic intelligently.

Here are some links to the proof :-

Please contact me at :-

Where we can discuss this matter further .

Regards ,

Paul Harrison

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Page looks fantastic guys! Shame your on the wrong side of the pond. #recycling  
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