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Danie van der Merwe
Gadget and Open Source Software fanatic!
Gadget and Open Source Software fanatic!

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Why you would want to follow my Collections instead of my Profile

Instead of receiving a stream of mixed news and information from my profile on G+, I am able to post to the specific Collections below. By following one or more of these Collections you will just receive focussed news and info on that Collection or topic in your stream. So for those interested in my Green Tech news that is all you will see from my posts, if you follow just that Collection. You can still follow my personal Profile where you will see the whole range of posts if you wish (one way to turn this down a bit is to put someone in one of your Circles, and then to change the "volume" setting for that Circle). I am also pushing all my public posts to Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn (and I do respond on those networks to comments posted there).

You can also see my short guide on how to follow Collections and cut down on unnecessary posts in your stream at

A full list of my G+ Collections can be found at

The specific topics that I am passionate about and have created Collections for are:

- Free and open source software (FOSS) at
- Open data standards / Security / Rights / Privacy / Open Government at
- Technology & Gadgets in general at
- Green Environment and related tech at
- Traditional Wet Shaving at
- Apple Mac OS X and iOS at
- Education related tech at
- Motorcycling rides and tours at
- Gaming tech news at
- Cape Town specific news at
- South African specific tech and news at
- LCHF & Health related tech and news at
- Traditional Wet Shaving
- Android mobile phones and tablets at
- Music at
- Steal locomotives at

I encourage lots of active debate (for or against the points made) but keep it respectful, and back up any counterpoints with some reference or facts. I'm seeing lots of nonsensical comments (random characters) and often just "Hi" or "Good Morning". I'm sorry but I'm going to start deleting these as they clutter the thread up and are not contributing to focussed discussions. People that make statements intended to be inflammatory or controversial (without backing them up) will be regarded as trolls. These comment threads are not for people to promote their own businesses or to have personal discussions - I want the comments to stay on topic, and personal messages can rather be sent directly to other G+ users. I want these posts to be informative and easy for everyone to follow.


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Book: Made with Creative Commons - A guide to sharing your knowledge and creativity with the world

A guide to sharing your knowledge and creativity with the world, and sustaining your operation while you do, by Paul Stacey and Sarah Hinchliff Pearson.

Extract: Those we interviewed were not typical businesses selling to consumers and seeking to maximize profits and the bottom line. Instead, they were sharing to make the world a better place, creating relationships and community around the works being shared, and generating revenue not for unlimited growth but to sustain the operation. They often didn’t like hearing what they do described as an open business model. Their endeavor was something more than that. Something different. Something that generates not just economic value but social and cultural value. Something that involves human connection. Being Made with Creative Commons is not “business as usual.”

Read it at

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New Study: Taking Statins to Prevent Heart Disease May Shorten the Lives of People over 65

Taking cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) offers no benefits for people over 65 who do not already have heart disease, a new intervention study finds ( In fact, it looks like taking statins may even shorten their lives! The excessive prescription of statins is certainly an extremely good example of where the medical profession can cause more harm than good. Treatment recommendations should be individualized for this population.


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Feral announce that Dawn of War III will use both OpenGL and Vulkan

Feral Interactive have just announced some exciting news! The Linux port of Dawn of War III [Steam, Feral Site] will come with OpenGL as the default, but like with Mad Max you will be able to check a box to enable Vulkan! On Linux, the game will launch with OpenGL by default. However, an option to play using the Vulkan graphics API will be available via the Feral pre-game options window.


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An introduction to Linux's EXT4 filesystem

Take a walk through EXT4's history, features, and optimal use, and learn how it differs from previous iterations of the EXT filesystem. You'll also learn why we don't have to defrag this filesystem. Although there are alreday newer file systems starting to go mainstream on Linux, EXT4 is still probably the most widely used filesystem.


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How to lock your Facebook, Google, Dropbox and GitHub accounts with a physical key

As online user accounts become more powerful and prevalent, it is important to keep your accounts secure. Many online platforms now offer two-step verification, making it harder for attackers to gain unauthorised account access. One form of two-factor authentication is a Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) security key, which is a physical key used to unlock your online accounts.


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5 Arduino projects to upgrade your car

From prohibition-era moonshiners to the 2000s MTV classic Pimp My Ride, people have repairing, upgrading, and modifying their cars for a long time. More recently, low-cost microcontrollers like the Arduino have opened new doors for makers looking to do fun and interesting things with their vehicles.

Projects covered here are:
Speed display for your windshield
Turn signals upgrade
Remote start using a laptop or smartphone
Parking assistance
Colored interior lighting with Bluetooth-controlled LEDs


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Get free home telephone calls with Fresh PHONE in South Africa

Fresh PHONE has zero monthly fees, improved functionality, and the freedom to throw away your old telephone (port your existing landline number for a once-off R150, but not mobile numbers) as you aren’t tied to a connectivity service provider.

The new home phone from Euphoria Telecoms works over Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Fixed Home LTE, allowing users to still have a regular home phone, while their traditional analogue phone disappears.

For a phone instrument you can choose between using an app on your mobile phone, or buying a SIP phone, or buying an adapter that will you to use your existing phone.

They provide a single 087 telephone number for free. Your account will be cancelled and your Air Time expired after 6 (six) months of no call usage or top ups. You will be sent emails to your registered email address to warn you that your account is expiring within 1 month, 2 weeks, 3, 2 and 1 day before it expires to give you the chance to make a call or add air time to prevent the cancellation of your account.

All voicemails will be sent to your email address as a sound file attachment.
Voicemail to email is a much more efficient way of receiving voice mails, it simply arrives in your inbox and you click the file to listen to it, you do not have to dial in to listen to, save and delete voice messages.


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Swedish policy makers want end to IT vendor lock-in

Swedish public administrations have to get rid of IT vendor lock-in, members of parliament and key government representatives agreed at a meeting last week. Public administrations must gain the expertise to deal with lock-in and the government should do more to promote open IT standards, they said.

“Local, national and European politicians need to take the lead on open source and open data”, MP Fredrik Christensson told OSOR. Lundell said that attendees expressed frustration over the lack of government leadership. “For public administrations, lock-in is a real problem. The organisations should improve their own skills on how to deal with it, but government policies would help”, he said.


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Some Remarkable Internet Human Recreated The Entirety Of 'Terminator 2' In 'GTA V'

A real, deeply committed person actually took the time to re-stage every single scene in "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" in "Grand Theft Auto V" for our amusement.

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