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Cora Shepherd
I am who I am, and I am who I was, and I am who I will always be. Nothing will ever change that.
I am who I am, and I am who I was, and I am who I will always be. Nothing will ever change that.
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   It was a fairly normal day. I was bored, and Miala, the elder who's currently letting me stay with her, wouldn't stop telling old stories. Now, usually I'm totally fine with it, but it was so nice out! The sun was shining! There was a breeze! I wouldn't even need a coat! So, after one more story, I claimed I was late, and made my way out.
   So, here I was walking down the street in my hooded cloak (though I had the hood pulled down, at the moment.) looking for something interesting to do with a day so nice. Then, of course, I heard Taki's familiar voice. Taki and I used to be best friends, but now? He was the head of the bullies.

//Yeah, ik this isn't the best to work with, but if anyone feels like it...//

Thx for the invite Kipp! :D Rp's are always all kinds of fun!

Druid. ~

Name: Shun Takara

Nicknames: "Outcast" "Shorty" At least that's what everyone at home calls her. Behind the adults back, anyways.

Age: 16

Height: 4' 3"

Weight: 75 lbs

Personality: Funny, mischievous, troublesome. She doesn't fit in well with the others at all. The adults can barely tolerate her.

Weaknesses: Can't stand being called "Stupid" or the like. Terrified of spiders. Trust issues. Has trouble holding still for long. Sometimes thinks out loud (when under stress, or tired.).

Abilities ~

1 ) Healing factor.

2 ) Alpha Strand: Enhanced Speed.

3 ) Healing others. (Five minutes for a deep wound on another person. You can keep an injured or poisoned person alive with half of your focus.)

Weapons: Throwing knives, hand-to-hand combat. (Does that count?)

Bio: To start, I stopped growing at about twelve. I've been short for my entire life. Lucky for me, I'm a fast runner. I started out being friends with most, but after some time, one other child, Kenta, wasn't as nice. He convinced all the other kids that my... height deficiency... was a sign that I was bad luck. As I got older, I lost more and more friends. I don't really care anymore, but it definitely left some trust issues.
   After all, even the druids aren't perfect. They've become slightly corrupted over the years, and the stress of today's world. I still live with my family, but they always try to baby me. I try to avoid being home. So, what? I'm bullied, and short! Calm down, honestly.
   When I turned 15, my father was killed, along with my older brother. My mother was taken captive by S.I.G.N.A.L. I barely escaped with my life.
   I stayed with the other druids, some elder generously letting me stay with them for a while. It's been like that for a year. I actually enjoy their lessons, most of the time. But, sometimes I just can't hold still. Okay.
   More then "sometimes".
   So, here I am, staying on the elders couch. Their kind, thoughtful. They have many stories to tell, and knowledge to share. They tolerate my ignorance.

   Who could ask for more?
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