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HI, I'm Qasim, I've played D&D for a couple years now, and recently I've been looking into learning more systems to play in (Especially Sci-fi, since there never seen to be enough sci-fi game groups.) but had trouble finding people to play with locally. So, I've switched to playing most of my games online, and was playing through forums, etc, until I recently found Roll20 and Google Hangouts. I really hope I can get involved in some games here! Hope to play with you soon!

I'm really new to Shadowrun, and I'd really like to join a game played online. (if someone were willing to basically teach a new player.)

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I'm running a Mass Effect game themed on the Skyllian Blitz next Wednesday, and was hoping to see if I could get a couple more players. The game's going to be using a homebrew ruleset which can be found in the link below. I'm going to host the game over Google Hangouts using the Roll20 App, so you'll need a Roll20 account to play. Comment below if you're interested, thank you for your time!  
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