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Brent Edwards
Composer, writer, programmer, and generally creative type.
Composer, writer, programmer, and generally creative type.


A new meme:

Visit These are what Google thinks you are interested in.

Copy them and paste them.

Then make fun of them, if you like.

Arts & Entertainment - Comics & Animation - Cartoons
Arts & Entertainment - Comics & Animation - Comics
Arts & Entertainment - Events & Listings
Computers & Electronics - Software - Operating Systems - Mac OS
Law & Government - Government - Legislative Branch
News - Business News - Fiscal Policy News
News - Politics
Online Communities - Blogging Resources & Services
Science - Astronomy
Science - Earth Sciences - Paleontology
Demographics - Age - 25-34
Demographics - Gender - Male

Paleontology? How did they get that preference?
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Yes, Google Plus made me change my name. Ugh.
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Eli and I visited the Scottish Highland Games in Enumclaw, Washington yesterday. Great fun; great chance to see different kinds of dance and hear Scottish traditional music. And -- shock! -- the weather cooperated!
Scottish Highland Games
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I have an unusual question... Without looking up any dictionary (or online), how would you define the word "evolve" as a verb?
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One thing that's missing from Google Plus:

There are no communities.

Right now, you can follow people who interest you... but you can't join a group of people who are into, say, My Little Pony. Or left-wing libertarianism. Or cryptography.

You have to build those circles yourself.

The closest are 'sparks', which link to stories about favorite ideas -- but that's not the same as creating a discussion group around an idea.

Do you know of a way around that problem in Google+?
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I have an open question for everyone...

How do you open a business e-mail that's going to co-workers and to managers?

I'm not asking what is the 'correct' way to write a business email, or to follow a stuffy manual from the 1950s. ('Always start a letter with "To Whom It May Concern:"'.) I'm asking what you do in practice.
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Let's make a few simple rules.

Don't harass your co-workers. Don't harass acquaintances. Just don't harass.
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This is... amazingly apt.

Pinkie Pie as, uhmmm, Pink.
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In particular, one line stood out to me: "At Egalia boys are free to dress up and to play with dolls, if that is what they want to do."

Uhmm... has there ever been a time that boys did NOT play with dolls?

Except, we called them "Action Figures". Go GI Joe with Kung-Fu Grip!
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I've never joined Facebook, but I'm curious about Google+.

I'd like to share music that I've composed with a broader community. Is there a way to do this -- or do I need to create a 'video' (even if it's just an image) and put the music in the background?
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