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It's even more simple than you've been told.  The Rules 1. Don't be a dick. 2. Ride whatever the hell you want. 3. No one gives a shit if your bar tape matches your seat. 4. The bike comes first, r...
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So I was just encouraged to up my business casual out of the khakis and polo and up to slacks and an oxford, with a tie handy for meetings... Let me start by saying I hate being told what to wear. It makes no sense to me and has no bearing on my work. I should say it negatively impacts my attitude and therefore my production..
That being said I am going to be a grown up and do it.

I'm going to Don Draper the fuck out of this bullshit. #dressinglikealemming

Anybody have a good online source for men's consignment.

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In my line of work, I'm the odd one for not wearing a t-shirt and jeans to work every day. I choose to wear the nice shirt, slacks, and oxfords. :-)

Our official dress code at work, as articulated by our then VP of Engineering, is:  

"Come to work !naked"  <programmer-talk for "not naked"  -ed.> 

To the best of my knowledge, no one has violated it.
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Chris Tetro

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Gentle reminder of why this is my first car commute of the year. Hopefully one of the very few..
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looks like the car in front doesn't have brake lights... very dangerous. 
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Chris Tetro

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My oldest daughter Paige is going to be participating again in the North Central CT Relay for Life on June 7th and 8th. She needs to raise $100 towards her team's goal to be able to participate. Please help if you are able, not only to assist Paige in her goal but to fight against this disease that has effected so many in our lives!

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Thanks Bruce :)
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Chris Tetro

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#quitthedip shut up don't judge me!
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Tom Rau
Nice kitty
Still laughin........................
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Chris Tetro

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I always find nooks of nature tucked into the suburbs on my rides.
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Chris Tetro

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Almost my Mr. Rodgers time of day.
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It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood!
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Chris Tetro

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That's my girl the bearded lady in Fermi High Schools production of Tied to the tracks! Great job kids!
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Great job - mine just finished up Little Shop of Horrors
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Chris Tetro

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How I Dance When I Go Out

Nailed it. Heck, that's how I dress as well. 

#gif   #gifs  
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Chris Tetro

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After a bleak winter with limited riding for me. At least a couple times a week however. Seeing the empty bike rack gave me a mixture of I'm tougher than the others and aww shucks no one else is here. So when I rolled up today to see a full rack and 3 riders locking up I immediately turned into the excited family dog, wagging my tail eyes wide with excitement. ... They didn't even nod. Just walked past. Who doesn't even nod ? I realize that just because we ride bikes we aren't friends. But come on man don't be a dick!
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Hi Chris!!
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Technology specialist in Mobility and New Media. I help make complicated things appear simple.
  • Travelers Co.
    Technology Specialist, 2012 - present
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I am a bit of a scattered geek. Life long New Englander unless you count the two years we experimented with Florida.(wasnt for us) Father of three, Husband of one.
sometimes golf.
Working on being a car independant individual. Though not a car free family.
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Enfield, CT - Fort Myers, FL - Manchester, CT - Frankfurt, Germany
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