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Do you run a business? Do you plan to run one? Cycling could you a good tool for you. Read on why?
#biking #cycling #bike2work
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I need to come back to read this. I wish there was a way to save posts to remember to come back to later.
Yeah even I needed that feature many a times. Felt the need for the start marking of the posts as it is there in gmail.
However there is a geeky way:

Go to Circles in Google Plus
1.Create a "Read Later" Circle
2.Do not include anyone in the Circle
3.If you see a post that you cannot read, click the Share button
Share the post with "Read Later"
4.When you have some time, open the Circle and read the posts
You can delete any that you have finished reading
+Prateek Tambi the reason I don't typically do that is then people wonder why I am sharing a post to nothing they can visibly see. I have seen a number of people complain about people sharing posts and not being able to see where or to who it is shared to. I doubt you would be one to care, but some people seem to feel strongly about it.
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