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Now that the party has their own starship, I figured you might want the stats for it. It will level up when you all hit Level 4, but its components will be able to be switched out when you get back to Absalom Station.

Sunrise Maiden.pdf
Sunrise Maiden.pdf

Our next Dead Suns game will run next Saturday (May 26th). This will close out the first book, so everyone gets Chronicle sheets. Make sure you have your SFS number available.

The credit will go on a level 1 or 2 SFS character, and will likely level you up, so choose carefully who you're putting it on.

That magic moment I've been waiting for has come to pass: the Strange Aeons adventure path is now sanctioned for PFS. Anybody have a hankering to get a little Call of Cthulhu in their Pathfinder and now earn Chronicle sheets?

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I'm running a beginner-friendly Starfinder game on Sunday, May 20th at Redcap's Corner in Philadelphia at 2 PM. We're going to run through Scenario 1-1 The Commencement, which is a repeatable (you can get credit for the adventure once for each character, rather than just once). We'll have pre-gens and some SFS numbers available, too. Registration link is below.

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Just a thought: you minis-hounds might find this very miniature useful real soon.

The story thus far: Our intrepid heroes arrive on Absalom Station to rendezvous with the Starfinder Society and find themselves smack in the middle of a (successful) assassination attempt. Two rival gangs fight each other and the would-be Starfinders, with the characters' contact, Duravor Kreel, caught in the crossfire. With their contact dead and the gangers chased off, there is nothing for our heroes to do but report Kreel's untimely demise to the Starfinder Society.

Chiskisk, a Shirren member of the Society's leadership council, the Forum. Chiskisk is sorry to hear of Kreel's murder, but requests that the characters investigate. The characters eventually discover a dispute between the Astral Extractions, a large mining concern, and the Hardscrabble collective, a ragtag group of miners doing work for AE. Apparently, on a recent mission to locate new sources of metal for AE to exploit, members of the Collective found a mysterious asteroid and towed it back to Absalom Station. The crew of the mining vessel, the Acreon, was nowhere to be found and the ship drifted into Absalom Station under the power of Newton's First Law.

During the dispute over ownership of the "Drift Rock", each party enlisted the assistance of one of Absalom's gangs. The heroes are now en route to "question" the leader of one of the gangs, The Downside Kings. The Kings have been retained by AE for protection, and it is very likely that they killed Kreel intentionally. The characters have just finished off a group of very aggressive mooks, and are ready to kick in the door and get some answers from the leader of the Downside Kings, one Ferani Nadaz, at a nightclub called the Fusion Queen.

Our next Dead Suns game is going to run Saturday May 5th at 6:00 PM. Everyone at this time should have 650 XP (even those who missed the first session), and I'm expecting that you'll level up after this Saturday's session.

The session is going to start with the conclusion of the combat in the Fusion Queen nightclub, which our intrepid heroes have invaded to try to get to Ferandi Nadaz, the leader of the Downside Kings. We're hoping that she can shed some light on why the players' liason to the Starfinder Society was killed in a starport shootout. Where the story will go from there is anyone's guess.

Now that we've got our group and character concepts together, I was going to have us create characters separately, but keep this forum open to communicate and ask questions of each other. When you're ready, please send me your character info so that I can familiarize myself with the wacky, weird stuff you come up with.

The only plot-based restriction is that, for reasons of your own choice, you want to affiliate yourself with the Starfinder Society in Absalom station.

I'll let you, at your discretion and on your honor, use either point buy or roll for your attributes. Once you're committed to rolling, though, that's it (no looking at those attributes and deciding to buy instead). Everyone starts with 1000 credits per the rulebook, and you can buy gear of up to Level 3 to start.

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This was kind of an interesting Unofficial Players Guide for the Dead Suns campaign. Since there isn't an official one for this adventure path, I thought this might be the next best thing
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