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Kaohsiung (高雄) GTUG
Looking for New Manager 徵求主辦人!
Looking for New Manager 徵求主辦人!

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intel posts Android 4.0.3 image for x86!

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想去IO但沒報到名嗎?請參加Code Jam的Sprint to Google I/O活動,前一百名可以得到機會購買米金$900的Google I/O門票


Good Luck!

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終於有multi-user support了
Android Developer Console

Different people in your team do different jobs, so we’re making it easier to work together on analyzing and managing your published Android apps.

As of today, you can invite people to your Android Developer Console and specify what access they need.

We hope this helps your team collaborate more easily and we'd love to know what you think of this new feature, so let us know here in the comments.

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如果高雄要辦I/O Extended,半夜12點至隔天早上八點,有人要參加嗎?XDDDD
For all of those, pissed about not getting a slot to #io12 don't be sad. Yes #io11 was pretty cool and visiting SF was awesome, but see it the other way around - use the anger/energy to organize an #io12extended in your town and maybe even start a #gtug when you don't have one.

We from the #gtug can help you setting it up, we will reshare your stuff and help you with the basics. And afterwards you not only have an epic Extended Public Viewing of the Keynotes (without paying $ 1000+ for flight/ticket) but met many many new friends.

Learn more about GTUGs:

Learn more about the #io12extended

You can ask me anything about #gtugs

因為現在有所謂的Google Developer Group的名稱,所以問一下大家覺得高雄GTUG要不要改成高雄GDG?

GTUG = Google Technology User Group
GDG = Google Developer Group


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新的Android Design Page放出來了,比之前的design guide更多采多姿。

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這次文件更新把一些training教材更新,更清楚,也有一些sample app可以下載來看code了。

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沒參加到今年的ADL(Android Developer Labs)嗎?Roman Nurik有把今年的slide分享出來!

Now that our Android Developer Labs have wrapped up for 2011, with last week's ADL Hong Kong capping off the world tour, we'd like to share some of the presentation material we discussed during the events.

Introduction to Honeycomb APIs
A must-read for Android developers new to Android 3.0+ development.

Designing UIs for Phones and Tablets
Discusses techniques for crafting great user experiences for phone and tablet users. Based on the Google I/O 2011 presentation of the same name.

Android Market for Developers
An overview of recently added Android Market features for developers.

Developing Android Applications for Google TV
An update on developing Android apps for the latest version of Google TV, based on Android 3.1. Also discusses some interesting statistics on television usage.

Honeypad Tutorial
Dive into the development of a note-taking app that plays nice with phones and tablets. Makes use of the support library to ensure your fragments can be used on pre-Android 3.0 devices.

NOTE: Material related to Android 4.0 is not covered since the SDK wasn't launched until mid-way through our developer labs world tour.

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Here's a peak at some of the members of our extended developer team to add to your circle collection. We'll post updates to the circle when new team members are added!
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