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Hi, I am Adrian. This post is pinned to the top of my stream. If you are planning on following me, here is what you will get.

Read the section on Collections below if I seem to be spamming your stream.


I have separate Collections for German and English content, with English being the default. If you just follow me, you will only get English content unless you also follow the German collections.


I am a medium volume poster. Many of the posts are reshares. If you are new to Google+ and follow me that may mean I am about to spam your stream.

You do not have to read all my content, I am using Collections. A collection is a substream - instead of following me (the person), you can follow one of my collections.

If you follow me as a person, you will get all English collections plus everything that is not in a collection. If you do not follow me as a person or unfollow me, you can still follow one or more of my collections, or follow all but some collections.

You can also set up notifications on a per-collection basis, i.e. follow me as a person, and follow a collection and turn on notification for the collection only.

Tech-English Only useful if you're into computers. From Linux to security to networking.

Tech-German Same as Tech-English, but for German content.

Misc-English Anything else that doesn't require a Ph.D. in computer science. ;)

Misc-German - Same as Misc-English, but for German content.

More collections will appear as I go, and I will then update this post. Do you want another category? Ask in the comments.


This post was stolen from inspired by <>

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"Check out this stack trace on a FAUCET. I have now seen it all. @internetofshit"

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You're not Swiss only because you've always lived there

It's no secret that getting a Swiss passport is hard. Now a person born and raised in Switzerland was denied citizenship, because ... well, because what? Maybe because she failed to name local stores or prefers Geneva's lakes over Geneva itself.

A committee of select locals decides whether or not to accept the applicant into their community and grant citizenship. Not having many friends recently led to rejecting a math professor, and apparently wearing non-stylish clothes can also get you turned down. Conversely, having a few millions in the bank tends to help.

Full transcript here for those who can read German: 

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Ich glaube ja immer noch, der Typ hinter dem Infoterminal hat einfach die Säule aufgeschraubt und ein HDMI-Kabel angeschlossen. ;)

URL des Videos hier: 

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So pretty.
Cylindrical Blue Screen of Death: The most beautiful Blue Screen of Death in my

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Scrollte gerade in einer soup an mir vorbei 👍

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"Wir sagen Tanke"

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If David Hasselhoff was a real musician

The cliche says Germans are obsessed with David Hasselhoff. Found this German musician who covered "Looking for freedom", and it's so much better, it's music.

Now only David Hasselhoff needs to stop using his old 90ies playbacks and hire this guy instead.

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