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bye OCTOBER (a little late)
I love October...Especially in Utah.  Something about the air and the leaves just makes me OH so happy.  It's sorta magical! Some of my favorite things from the month: Hello Boots!  Sweaters and Paddington Fall decor & Pumpkin everything! Making it to the t...

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Chicago Girls Weekend
There is nothing better than a spontaneous trip.  It was a Saturday when Rachel, one of my long time friends, calls and says:  "hey, wanna go to Chicago Thursday?" UMMMM yes!  And that was that.  We had an amazing weekend in Chicago. So much fun to spend ti...

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The best day ever
November 30th started out normal.  We both went to work. After work we were going to go shopping to get new dress shoes for Tom then meet his parents for dinner at the Country Club at 6:30. Tom picked me up after work and we went to the mall (this is where ...

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Summer so far [2016]
Summer 2016 has been full of: bike rides naps craft cocktails trip planning (euro 2016!!) reading (therapy books and novels)  coffee shop mornings exploring new food spots babies (I swear this is the year of babies) pool days {Sar's baby shower for Ru girl}...

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Boston with My Bests
Since our friends live all over the place now we try to make a girls trip once a year. Kaitlyn and I decided to visit Rach in Boston for a long weekend.  I absolutely loved it! It felt very euro too me. Rach was a fantastic host and had all sorts of things ...

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New York City to visit Olive
Tom and I had NEVER been to NYC together, so we figured it was about time.  Olivia (my college roommate and one of my dearest friends) moved there after college to pursue film. Tom and I decided we would take a weekend trip to spend time with her and the bf...

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Munich, Germany
Munich is BEYOND fun.  We had such a good time.  If you like beer, book a trip here RIGHT NOW. The beer culture here is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I mean its 4 in the afternoon and people are chilling in the local beer garden sharin...

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Driving the Rhine River Valley, Germany
I think if I had to pinpoint my favorite part of the vacation this might be it.  here is why: 1. Lots of time in the car with t singing songs together 2. GORGEOUS scenery  3. Random stops in towns we cant pronounce  4. castle after castle after castle after...

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Hi 24!
I cant handle that I just turned 24.  Part of me feels like its young, part of me feels like its old.  Aging is just weird.  My 23 year of life was jam goal for 24 is to SLOW down, enjoy, be present, and take life as it comes.  23 went as follow...
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