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It is during the night, sitting or even lying somewhere on the floor and looking at the clear sky, that I wonder about everything.
I wonder where I came from?
Where we came from?
How everything started?
What lies beyond the reach of my eyes?
And many more questions than even the most competent astrophysicists have yet to find.
We are small, in such an extensive universe.
We think we know our solar system, when we still do not know if there is life in our own galaxy.
Universe... from nothing at all.
Every sparkling spot in this sky, can be numberless things.
Things... that have existed or still exist.
It could be a planet, a star, a galaxy, countless galaxies, the explosion of a star, the formation of a supernova, so many things that can be, in all those little twirling dots, that make our sky, a vast black cloak covered with diamonds.
I love looking at it.
Think deeply.
To question.
But it makes me think and question many solutions that the Human Being thinks to be crazy.
Am I crazy to say that the solution to many of our diseases may be hidden somewhere on another planet?
Am I equally crazy, in saying that yes, there is life in one and two and many Solar Systems equal to ours?
Who denies us that there will be no life in another Solar System even in the same Galaxy as ours?
It is enough for the planet to meet the same conditions as ours, to form life.
Mars, has gorges similar to the formation of rivers and seas as on our planet. Who knows, did not Mars ever been a planet like ours, when Earth was still an inhospitable planet for the formation of Life.
Who guarantees us that Sun always had this dimension? And has it not already been a giant fireball that would create living conditions on the remaining planets of our Solar System?
Is the Sun going down in dimensions?
Leaving the planets far from being prone to Human and Animal Life and becoming dry or icy surfaces?
We are all matter of the stars.
Out of a Big Bang, soon we are all the same and we have no reason to think we are all different.
Our planets have different characteristics due to their reception of light. Gathering what our Planet has, if all the others orbit in the same orbit as ours, would also be proprieties to Life.
It is incredible how, a simple slip of distance between the Sun and a planet, makes it uninhabitable. But even so, I believe it contains life.
Our base.
Our DNA.
That which the universe can never erase. It is present on all the planets of our Solar System.
We die, the flesh is eaten by the beings that dwell in the basement, but the bones remain, containing the most infantile mark of our existence. And only high temperatures, could end our brand, but we still have our ashes, still with our brand.
Therefore, as much as the Universe undoes us, we will only make microscopic samples, still very difficult for analysis by the Human hands, but never, we will disappear, because: We are made of starstuff and starstuff we return.

ā€” Janet Serafim, Questioning The Cosmos
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