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Dmytry Karpov
I write these things called words and put them into these things called books.
I write these things called words and put them into these things called books.

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A story of first kisses. Check it out. 

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Congrats! I checked out an excerpt, and I like it.
Ladies and gentlemen, after four years of toil and trouble, I have published The Kingdom: The Quest.

In an attempt to help Google+ gain more users, Facebook once again updates.

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Who says computers know everything?
But, how do I.....I don't even.......

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This is a very catchy song
While Google has been getting better... Facebook...

Well, this jingle that's been going around speaks for itself, methinks :)

via Megan Kearns

I do not like this Sam I Am. I do not like this Facebook scam.
I do not like the new news feed. I do not like it, no indeed.
I do not like your top news trends, instead of recent news from friends.
It was just fine, but now it's weird, so let me make myself quite clear.

I don't like this new page attack. So Facebook admin CHANGE IT BACK!!

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OOOOO! Awesome deal.
A Forbidden Deal for the launch of Forbidden Mind. Get three free stories when you purchase Forbidden Mind, this week only!

Google+ can finally be integrated on Klout. It didn't help my score though.

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Share this for a chance to win a free copy of Dark Edge. "Tales that will suck you in, chew you up, and leave you begging for more"-LMstull

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Dark Edge is now available on Smashwords. Thanks to everyone for their support and help. Check it out:

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"You ever seen a Kraken, boy?" So starts the tale of one man's madness.

Check out this excerpt from my upcoming book, Dark Edge.
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