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10 JavaScript frameworks to improve your mobile development | Webdesigne...

Issues of cross-browser compatibility, screen resolution and inconsistent HTML and CSS code are things of the past in mobile development.

Cross: NoSQL or RDBMS, not again!

No matter what, I found the same question over and over again, "should I use a NoSQL solution to my , help me!", but some days ago I crossed

JavaScript Performance Patterns

Slides from Web Directions South, Sydney 2012...

Compiling to JavaScript: What, Why, and How? - Build New Games

A very comprehensive overview of what you can do to make JavaScript programming much more professional - i.e. choose language of your choice

Knockout.js vs Backbone.js

What the hell am I talking about? Backbone? Knockout? These are 2 popular javascript frameworks, supposedly designed to help/facilitate the

The World Beyond MVC

There's no shortage of JavaScript MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectures out there. The best-known is Backbone, but there are others: Spi

Montage - HTML5 framework

Montage simplifies the development of rich HTML5 applications by providing modular components, real-time two-way data binding, CommonJS depe

Tres - A mobile web development framework

Tres is a development suite, focused on mobile devices (phones, tablets). It features automatic compilation of template formats such as Haml

Single page apps in depth (new free book)

This free book is the book I would have wanted when I started working with single page apps. It's not an API reference on a particular frame

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

Here you get a complete reference of JS Programming Patterns that may help structureing your code for better independency and reuse.

Sequel Sphere - An HTML 5 Relational Database

written 100% in JavaScript to run in any Web Browser and on any Platform. It parses and executes SQL dynamically in the browser, returning r

Building Modern Mobile Web Apps (Project Liike from Microsoft)

Project Liike is an effort to produce guidance that helps organizations build mobile web experiences based off of existing web applications.

Common Idioms in JavaScript development

These are some of the common idioms I find myself using again and again.* Use Array.join to concatenate strings* Minimize use of if/else blo

Joe Zim's JavaScript Blog

A JavaScript Blogging Adventure

datajs - JavaScript Library for data-centric web applications

datajs is a new cross-browser JavaScript library that enables data-centric web applications by leveraging modern protocols such as JSON and

Brunch | HTML5 application assembler

Brunch is an assembler for HTML5 applications. It‘s agnostic to frameworks, libraries, programming, stylesheet & templating languages and ba

Building Mobile JavaScript WebApps With Backbone.js & jQuery

Welcome to Part 1 of a two-part tutorial on building complete mobile web applications in JavaScript using DocumentCloud's Backbone.js, jQuer

MVVM vs MVP vs MVC: The differences explained

A set of bullet points explains the basics of MVVM, MVP, and MVC as well as guidelines for using each architecture with proper technologies.

Beginners Guide to KnockoutJS

Part 1 Almost everyone dealing with web technologies knows jQuery, or has heard of it, and while powerful it is not ideal for building Rich

What does Microsoft's Windows 8.1 plan mean for developers?

If Microsoft brings back the Start Button and adds a boot-to-desktop option with Windows Blue, should Windows developers still be counting o