DELETED FINANCIAL ANALYSIS from the end of Janša II. I said...

Anchoring, in psychology: you already made your mind up something is true.

Maybe you have decided that the contents of your underwear drawer will look better on average if you move all the yellowing items with the holes and frayed edges into a separate drawer. You can label this "Bad Underwear" or, to fool snoopers try a more exotic title, e.g. "Sovereign Lingerie Holding".

One day there is a reduction in the amount Slovenia must pay to borrow other peoples' underwear, labelled "Boxer yields".

Events in international unmentionables appear to confirm your claim concerning the wisdom of starting a separate drawer. Post hoc ergo propter hoc is a fallacy of the non sequiteur variety.

When boxers come down, the Finance Ministry can anchor its belief in its plan for the new undies drawer by saying this good news was partly due to the bad underwear idea.

It is not true and it is not actually possible to demonstrate a connection: it's just wishful thinking.

The drop has in fact been caused by Mr Obama attempting to deal with the fiscal crust situation in American underwear by permitting US citizens to go on wearing the same items for another couple of months, until their unspeakable laundry reaches the dirt ceiling.

Was the remainder of this boxer-lowering effect due to "general easing of tensions in the eurozone" as stated above - or Christmas/New year Holiday as it sometimes called?

Yields did not fall because of the Slovenian bad bank plan.

Yields on Polish bonds fell at the same time.

Poland is not planning a bad bank.

Poland is not in the eurozone.
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