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As Slovenia's opposition leader reveals that he is refusing to pay his TV licence it seems a good time to remember that there are better ways to make your own entertainment, such as this jail tale, specially deleted by the Slovenia Times in October 2014..

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Reading in jail, Mladina? No...
  Slovenske Novice,
Which then wipes ass of Muslim guy,
  Ordinarily rendered there -
Guantanamo - no - no inferno,
  Say hi to Koper's mayor!

No fruit there was, hiring Matoz:  
  Re Srpak's stir, oh poor.
Zagajski tosses - but not bombs
  At Kresal and Pahor.
Square meter norm of student dorm,
  It's hotter upstairs - phwooar!

JJ's not thrilled - the thing he loves,
  Your body politic,
May send him shovelling biomass,
  To heat Slovenia's nick,
A Finnish gig o'watts and joules -
  That's kinda ironic!

The Warders? Mostly NSi.
  Prison: Catholic mainstay.
Election slime heads, thanks to crime,
  Towards a more purpler shade of gray:
Three and nine tenths percent could jump
  To four - unhip hooray.

Solids, total, not dissolved,
  Creep through old pipes that throb,
While gritty bread and titty mags
  Surround Dob's stiffed nabob,
True hell: RTV-SLO in cell -
  Stir flashbacks of old job.

Once made, he lies in his own bed,
  Amid the smell of socks:
A buffet rough, no thermostat,
  A barely humane box
Free!! Tourists pay for similar
  To Sava...paradox.

"25 prisoners and 12 employees had not received their salaries for several months."

So it's just the same as on the outside! It's like a holiday camp!
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