This little haiku on Slovenia's special ideas about data protection was deleted from The ST and Google without me even having to ask!


Put passwords / logins /
Birthday / PIN ...below...Or have
You something to hide?

Besides informing your authorities, please list any people you know who do not have enough money on this page.

You should also use this page to record the personal information of any people annoying or upsetting the public (government officials, banksters, neighbours, etc.)

If Mr Igor Bavčar could start the ball rolling by putting all his personal account access information below I would be quite happy to swap identities with him.  

Then I will owe DURS more than EUR 1m but less than 10m.  I can't see how that will hurt anyone.

He in turn will be able to merge silently into the great mass of the public not inclined to hire a lawyer to deal with their enemies.  It's a win-win!

"More and more individuals will, because of their indolent bloodlessness, aspire to become nothing, in order to become the public, this abstract whole, which forms in this ridiculous manner: the public comes into existence because all its participants become third parties. This lazy mass, which understands nothing and does nothing, this public gallery seeks some distraction, and soon gives itself over to the idea that everything which someone does, or achieves, has been done to provide the public something to gossip about....The public has a dog for its amusement. That dog is the Media.  If there is someone better than the public, someone who distinguishes himself, the public sets the dog on him and all the amusement begins.  This biting dog tears up his coat-tails, and takes all sort of vulgar liberties with his leg — until the public bores of it all and calls the dog off.  That is how the public levels."

---Kierkegaard, "The Present Age"
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