And on the Sixth Day in the reign of Miro I a great silence fell among the watchers of the Sloven-i-ites, for it was decreed that no man shalt speak unto the comments columns of The Slovenia Times.  Even unto the Nineteenth Day.

And among those ancient columns A Great Deletion occurred, even unto this comment about kitchens, from the Second Moon Cycle in the reign of Alenka The Legs...

This news made me curious.  Had any British kitchen company ever received a government subsidy, I wondered?  

Probably not, I guessed, as any luxury kitchen company that couldn't make a profit or pay its workers probably had the wrong product, or the right one but in the wrong place, or at the wrong time, or the wrong price.

You know, those awkward troubles you get, trying to sell things.  

Now I see where the UK has been going wrong - instead of all these bankrupt kitchen companies that we have, we could have just had the biggest one, making a loss.

The man in the street happily accepts the necessity of kitchens, and is glad in his heart to hear that other people's jobs could be saved, in return for his participation in a compulsory donation from the kitchen-loving population.

Once the people's kitchen company is simmering away nicely, the same non-investors funding it will be able to pay a second time, for a new kitchen of their own, and the Party's curse upon any who begrudge their previous, generous contribution, or think they should at least get a free worktop.  

It all makes so much sense what politicians are doing in Slovenia, where everything they say is smart and new, especially the Prime Minister (Ed: is that OK?)

Instead of the expected string of reports on taxpayer help for ailing kitchen firms, in a search of UK pages for "kitchen" + "subsidy" all I got was "MPs' expenses: Gordon Brown's £9,000 kitchen subsidy revealed".

Mrs Stepišnik surely has a great kitchen already, which just makes the comparison between Anglo-American capitalism and Balkan capitalism all the more baffling.
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