Easter 2013 until deleted Sept 2014 national poetry


Get your sacks, Türk family, sit on ashes,
Other Slovenes' big houses?  Too flash, now please
Atone for erection:
Slo shoe-gazers expect an
Unfinished outside, more slapdash than his.

The prospect of the bungling bankers unleashing capital controls means a de facto multi-tier euro already exists.  See why here: http://is.gd/2XB76G

Before the recent island bank robbery, Archbishop Chrysostomos was offering property previously handed to the Republic of Cyprus by 60s/70s President Archbishop Makarios, to help with the crisis caused by the sudden devaluation of the Cyprus euro.  http://is.gd/9qxy5G

"It belongs to the people", he explained, concerning the EUR 80m worth he was offering up to securitize further Cypriot sovereign debt, to help rescue Cyprus from the problem caused by debt.

Now I do not pretend to understand the division of church and state in Cyprus.  Not much of that, from the sounds of it.  Presumably the actual ownership depends on whether you are collecting rent, mortgaging it, paying the mortgage, or paying for the bills and upkeep.

As a financial asset, property is neither particularly fungible or liquid.  But it can keep the rain off.  

As I understood the Slovenian situation (back in 2006) you did not need planning permission for a house if there was any kind of structure whatsoever on the parcel of land in question.  

This often applied in the countryside, and many people had obviously taken advantage of that, building unfinished houses wherever they could before the government changed its mind.

Rethinking their parasitical rules, the ruling class (the clue's in the name) must now surely round upon these hapless go-getters, using whatever populist jealousies they can enliven, and attack whatever is available on whatever bureaucratic grounds can be magicked.

What must be understood internationally is that the political situation in Catholic Slovenia is totally the opposite of Greek Orthodox government.

The Türk family villa was constructed by an Eles (National Grid) contractor.  

As this makes it public property it should be handed over to the Diocese of Koper immediately.
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