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This hobo of a poem began life at this article about the collapse of the chicken man's bank,

then after The Great Deletion it crept back in here and hung around a while

Now it is homeless again.


Too much leverage:
Bine Kordež;
Bank in red, she's in pink:
Romana Pajenk.

Great big blank cheque
Vito Verstovšek;
Alpos pohištvo:
Payment plan is "No no no."

Luxury car,
Boss of Avtotehna;
Logistical wreck:
Zdenko Pavček.

Business crepuscular:
Vladimir Voduška;
Money? Darko Horvat
He'd no chance to save that.

Holders of Finetol
Shares might get nowt at all.
Big mansion, Florida,
Small cell, Thomas Lovše.

Rasta Tomažiča,
Patrick Ceglarja:
20 mil will not likely a
Fast net get Serbia.

Meanwhile Igor Bavčar
Is not going far;
Transferred shares were ha ha
For Milana Lah.

Sports stadium in aspic:
Burned fingers Pečečnik;
Mouldy toast makes you sick:
Handiwork of Ročnik.

False fronts and big egos,
The main products of Trimo's;
Unstable profiteers:
Laško, brewer of beers.

And PSL Storitve
Not worth a shit, huh?
Perutnina Ptuj:
Arturo Ui.

"The world was almost won by such an ape!
The nations put him where his kind belong.
But do not rejoice too soon at your escape —
The womb he crawled from is still going strong."

- The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, by Bertolt Brecht.

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