This fissure in the late-dynasty Janša II Finance Minister's timeline was deleted in the reign of Miro I...


Referendum block fiscally healthy:
Enemy of your wealth is yourself. The
Bad bank bit's barefaced
As the bonds were purchased
Two months earlier.  Ripe with gas...Delphi?

Ethylene is a gas with euphoric and anaesthetic properties and is used to ripen fruit.  The Pythian ladies running Delphi's Oracle concession would have been fortune-telling above a confluence of geological faults.

By the time the bad bank referendum was proposed on 31 Oct 2012, the bonds were already sold.  The Constipational Court's decision not to have a referendum which might have stopped the bad bank was just before Christmas, of course.  

Maybe Slovenia would have had to give the bondholders their money back 9 years and 10 months early if the court's decision had gone the other way?  Can you feel the mists starting to swirl around your head?

This is a mystery involving time and wisdom.  The best way to explain how the sale of the bonds might have been screwed up by a referendum that hadn't even been proposed at the time is to look to the Ancients and their divinations.

Being on their knees sniffing Greek cracks and out of their heads may have assisted the Pythia with their prognostications, as ethylene vapours have been detected at Delphi.  

Time travel is only tourism, after all.  That could certainly increase the possibility of buying something whose "price does not reflect the real value".

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