This health insurance policy from October 2012 was cancelled in the First Quarter Moon of the Reign of Miro I...


Now Slovenian pensions post-Lehman,
Met longevity risk, what's the B-plan?
Until teachers and miners
Dig/die like 49ers
They'll be covered by black peoples - CEEMAN.


Slovenia has problems with its pension extension.  The biggest one is that they were supposed to be going pay back the money their law said you had to give them.  But you just kept on living longer and longer, threatening to ruin everything for those who, you believed, knew more about this than you.  You were both wrong.

One thing Slovenia could imitate is South Africa's plan to discriminate against workshy minority groups: retirement age for university professors is to be raised from 60 to 80.

The average life expectancy in the businessman's paradise of South Africa is about the age most people are finishing their exams in Slovenia - 49.
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