I guess it shows what the problem is with democracy, when it's considered a success that half the people think their money is safe in the bank, while four out of ten think it isn't.

Hurrah for banks!  What more could a population want?

At this time I was trying to discover Slovenia's secret formula for minimising the amount of money you can have snatched from your blocked bank account.

Further to [ waiting for link ] ...I hadn't got an answer from Unicredit about the attempted theft/financial fishing expedition by the court administrators and customs service CURS.  

This next instalment will only interest people whose bank accounts have been blocked for not paying a bill they already paid years ago...

To Unicredit Bank, Ptuj

Any news on the block?

Do your lawyers plan to initiate a class action against CURS for all the accounts blocked due to the "accidental" reissuance of phantom bills from the past?

It would be wrong to speculate on CURS' motive.  However, working for Customs is obviously a dream job - for racists and statists!

Now that we know that all Russians connected with Cyprus are criminals, and that a few minutes' TV coverage of this can certify a national bank robbery, a quick analysis of the ethnic background of the list of clients blocked due to phantom bills would reveal whether similar justifications are also credible in Slovenia in this day and age.

Perhaps in the end the authorities do not really care whose money they steal - or how much time Unicredit staff waste helping them.  It would be far easier for Unicredit to just chicken out and let them do it again.  And again.

But instead of freezing all the foreigners' accounts, wouldn't it make more sense to freeze the ones with the most money in?

Of course they probably have to freeze them first, under some pretence, to find out which ones contain any money to be stolen to begin with.

That would explain the whole episode very well, don't you agree?

However it does not pay to get too overconfident, as was discovered by your former shareholder, Colonel Gadaffi.

Using logic of a similar strength, who else might deserve to be blocked?  Off the top of my head I can think of

Jennifer Lopez - Jenny From The Block


New Kids On The Block - Crash (Official Lyric Video)

Probably your firewall stopped that.  Technology gets it right sometimes

If your lawyers have nothing helpful to say please tell me so I can start on my own.

The way to not find out is to not find out.

What kind of a moron would trust his money to the banks of a theocracy anyway?


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