Deleted health insurance confidence trick info from the spring of Alenka The Legs.

- What does smoking mean for the Slovenian government deficit?

USA (1994)

By dying ten years prematurely, American smokers are saving society $1.19 cents for every pack they smoke.

Smokers live long enough to pay taxes, but not long enough to draw pensions. Smoking reduces geriatic expenditures.


Rhode Island, USA (1997)

Mean age of 90 children who ingested cigarettes or cigarette butts: 11.7 months

Odds ratio that smoking in the presence of the children as a risk factor for the ingestion, after controlling for the location of cigarettes: 7.8 - and ashtrays: 5.9 within the household.


Slovenia (2002-2004)

Combined cost of fire fighting organisations, fire insurance administration, plus direct and indirect losses due to fire: 0.156% of GDP


USA (2004)

$157 billion in annual health-related economic losses

For each of the approximately 22 billion packs sold in the U.S. in 1999, $3.45 was spent on medical care attributable to smoking, and $3.73 in productivity losses were incurred, for a total cost of $7.18 per pack.


Slovenia (2004)

Fires per 1000 inhabitants: 3.2


USA (2006-2008)

Smoking caused $303 million in (residential only) property loss each year


Russia (2009) 35.8 billion rubles (0.1% of GDP)


UK (2009) The direct impact of smoking on the NHS came to £5.2 billion for 2005/6, which equates to 5.5% of the total NHS budget for that year – a proportion that has not changed since the early 1990s.

This annual cost is still likely to be an underestimate because it does not include indirect costs, such as lost of productivity and informal care; the costs of treating disease caused by passive smoking, or the full range of conditions associated with smoking.


USA (2013)

Taxpayers' yearly fed/state tax burden from smoking-caused government spending: $70.7 billion ($616 per household)

Smoking-caused health costs and productivity losses per pack sold in USA (low estimate): $10.47 per pack

Average retail price per pack in the USA (including sales tax): $5.29


Slovenia (2014)

Smoking increases confidence.  If you are having a confidence vote make sure you pass out plenty of fags beforehand.

...make sure these are English fags, not American ones, though.

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