The months passed, and it was hot.  What better way to spend those lazy afternoons than studying the economics that is going to fix the economy.  You just put it together like an Ikea wardrobe...

A summer haiku deleted during the humourless reign of Miro I.


Not in the top ten
Economics summer camps:
Among the biggest.

A new dawn, the econo-mists are clearing, and it is clear the students can learn much from the rustic asceticism of Slovenia's hugely successful economic story.

Mealy-mouthed non-numerical descriptions are the way forward - our camp's "among the biggest"  even if it is not in "the top ten".

At any rate, we offer an interquartile range of forest skills for economics summer camp students...

Start your campfire using just your glasses and some money
Survival: stay alive by doing nothing
Pond-fishing for positive statistics
Digging a liquidity trap and hoping a wild Pigou Effect will save your bacon
Un-undo-able knot-tying
Camouflage for fatties
Build your own log(x + y)n = log(xn + yn) cabin
Wild party with Bush and TARP
Make alcoholic regression analysis
Holistic student dim sum bonding
Student p-test in horizontal channels, with heavy tailed distributions
Doing your duty by scouting for self-help books
Soft-rock climbing
Thatchering with Keynes
Clearing up your trash/The art of going light (students excused if too wet or suffer from Parkinson's Law)
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