And it has been written that in the ancient reign of Andrej The Gaucho, Kay Bee-Cee a harlot of the Ban-ka-shoo-ras did come bearing gifts of gold and Belgian incense, for one third of the debts and assets of the swashbuckling Enn-al-bee-ites.  And there was a great rejoicing and happiness at all their money.

And the Sloven-i-ites and all the provinces of Enn-al-bee did mutter and grumble and ask among themselves what wantethed this stranger among them, and did verily stall the majority acquisition that everyone expected from the reign of Anton the Smooth, unto that of Janša I, but less and less so thereafter. 

And yea, let it be known among the scribes that it was not until later, in the time of Miro I, that The Slovenia Times did smite NPOSIALPU's comments about zis stuff viz ze Belgians, after they had survived through a time of many zombies, even unto turmoil, riot gas, and rocks on helmets at selected venues across Slo-ven-i-a, and even unto the editorial preferences of Alenka The Legs...

All I said was...


Merde! You don't, Belgian bank KBC
Want to own NLB?  Why do we?
Communism's resumed:
Let's have Tito exhumed,
Installed head of your bank - a zombie.

Slovenia Times 31 May 2011:

"...the proposals would see the government greatly reduce its stakes in these firms [NLB, Zavarovalnica Maribor, Zavarovalnica Tilia, Sava Re, Zavarovalnica Triglav] – back to 25 percent plus one share in all instances. But the fact remains that this is only on the condition that the state remains the single-largest owner. Critics therefore believe the strategy is nothing but an entirely unsatisfactory compromise – a way to formally reduce state involvement in finance without really losing any influence."

Government stake in NLB after KBC sale: 81%

That'll be just 1% less than the Peoples' Republic of Disunited Kingdoms' share in the Royal Bank of Scotland.  

Don't worry, dear citizens.  You're not getting anything.

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