The window's neat, love those eight bendy wheels.
When roads have lumps, bumps, puddles, mud is hell,
And shooty things, how else can one propel
In rough terrain?  Their sales guys had great deals.
I wish I'd Liechtensteined, though: Austria squeals.
I'll sue the media worldwide now as well.
I ought to earn a lot more than Štrukelj.
Don't blame me for the job's sideline appeals.

Turns on a dime.  That Interpol request?
Illegible...after cops spilt some tea.
With room to lie down straight and sleep inside,
The gastight Ptuj model is the best -
With air-conditioned, whiff-free guarantee:
Helsinki to hell stinky, legal ride.

Well, it's based on "Patria", by American poet Henry Van Dyke, who in 1898 said "If we enter the course of foreign conquest, the day is not far distant when we must spend in annual preparation for wars more than the $180,000,000 that we now spend every year in the education of our children for peace."  

Seems he was right as the US now spends $121,100,000,000 on education, without peace probably ever being mentioned, and $711,000,000,000 on the military, where it is probably mentioned a lot.

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