Another deleted view of the reign of Janša II.


Slovesickness abounds in
Corruptable firm,
Cash flies through the night
Like an unwanted sperm:

Only 4% not into
Rackets - fetch scribes:
Ban the honest instead -
Legalise business bribes.

Yes it's time for Slovenia's unfeasibly large lawyer-to-human ratio to finish what has been begun - and legalise all forms of corruption immediately.

Otherwise these attacks on business by the KPK and suchlike threaten to destroy the lapdancing and brown envelope industries.

This is obviously yet another foreign plot to undermine our society.  For years Slovenians have stuck with the tried and tested system of selling the same companies backwards and forwards to each other - with all the good fortunes for shareholders that result.  

They don't even change the company names like they do in other countries, probably to save money on signs, printing and suchlike.  Maybe on that we need to get our ducks in a row and bluesky some tangibles to monetize our deliverables on rebranding these evolving goalposts going forward.

How are your children ever going to get a job if firms start trying to raise capital by insidious methods, such as making things and selling them - when everyone knows that the correct way is to borrow money from NLB and then go bankrupt?  

Or, if you want to keep it going, to get your accountants to make any accidental profits disappear in a perfectly legal way?

It's just a few good apples spoiling things, believe me.  So how about some amusing punishments for repeat honesty?  Let's see some goody-goodies chained and publicly starved in the town square, while lawyers feast upon mountains of oysters and champagne just yards (0.9144 metres) away.

Legislators are usually the last to come to grips with reality but this time could be the exception.

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