This poem about when the Pope quit did not survive the reign of Miro The Peaceful...


Nazi Joey's last great revelation:
"Hey - I'm boss of a crime organisation!
I don't get: women, wanking,
Birth control, queers or banking -
But attended mass pedofication."

"The VCS has an established Gendarmerie whose responsibilities now include the investigation of financial crime and money laundering offences, though there does not appear to have been enough training provided to them in financial investigation."

"Gendarmerie officers are recruited, selected and trained on the basis of the relevant criteria and professional standards (including moral and religious criteria)"

"There does not appear to be enough training provided to the Gendarmerie staff in the financial investigation field"

"The Gendarmerie Corps has a budgeted headcount of 197, which leaves 60 vacancies unfilled."

Number of criminal investigations conducted by the Criminal Police Department of the Corps of Gendarmerie

2008    38
2009    58
2010    66
2011    92

"The Gendarmerie statistics give no indication of any experience in serious financial crimes (petty theft and attempted illegal entry into Vatican City State seem to be predominant crimes). The reported financial loss due to crime was €5,200 in 2011, €8,600 in 2010, and €4,900 in 2009."

Source: Moneyval report 2012. Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism - The Holy See (Including Vatican City State)
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