This comment, revealing that a Slovenian aspirin costs 6.72 times more than a British one, mentions an outside world of no concern.  It might have disturbed Slovenians' peace and satisfaction with their superior economic system.

I should say! Slovenia is one of the most business-friendly countries in Europe - take the cost of an aspirin, for instance.

The very unbusinesslike British approach to medicine means that you can buy aspirin in all sorts of strange places, such as hardware and garden stores, and supermarkets.

As you can see they aren't even trying to compete! Both stores will sell you a total of 4800mg for 21p, which is 26 cents.

Meanwhile in go-getter Slovenia you'll have to go to a respectable pharmacy, where you can get a much bigger packet from a properly qualified person in a white coat, containing a total of 25000mg, no less.

Business people, Slovenia is the place to sell your monopoly products! The population here is utterly devoted to helping to boost the Slovenian economy with their sporting injuries, headaches, cardiovascular regimen, etc. for the princely sum of EUR9.15.

As you are probably too busy making money I have done, just for you, the sums needed to produce a meaningful unit price comparison.

I can tell you that your smart Slovenian businesses are asking for 3.66 cents for a 100mg dose.

But these crazy English capitalists are letting 100mg of highly technical aspirin go for less than 0.55 cents! Stupid or what!?

Oddly enough, though, UK folks are not 6.72 times poorer than the much more highly educated Slovenians, even though their aspirins are this much cheaper.

I'm afraid I can't explain this strange mystery, as I am not one of the hundreds of unemployed economists Slovenia produces every year.

It's a wonder people aren't flocking to Slovenia from all over to participate in this retail revolution. It's definitely time British pharmaceutical retailers upped their game and helped to get the UK economy into better shape, like what we have here in Slovenia. Go oligarchs!
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