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Goddess Brahmacharini is worshipped on the second day of Navratra. The second form of Goddess Durga, Brahmacharini will be worshipped on Wednesday, 17th October 2012. The form of Devi Brahmacharini is similar to her name and gives infallible fruits to her devotees. By worshiping her the virtues like penancing, renouncing, dispassion, ethical conduct and restraint in a person is increased and he gets freedom from all the troubles and sufferings in life.

Goddess Brahmacharini is the second manifestation of Durga which represents enlightening.  Brahma means “tapa” or penance and Charini means observer, thus it is name of the one who observes penance. The goddess is quiet and absorbed in meditation. She is a unique blend of radiance and rigorous austerity that can be seen on her face which highlights all the three worlds.

She holds a rosary in her right hand and Kamandalu in her left and personifies love and loyalty. The other names of the goddess is Tapashcharini, Aparna and Uma. On this day, the worshipper’s mind is established into Swadishthan cycle and receives the blessings from Goddess Brahmacharini. 

Brahmacharini Story in Hindi
Goddess Brahmacharini is the daughter of Himalaya and Maina. She practiced very hard penance in order to obtain Lord Shiva as her divine consort while being influenced by the instructions of Devrishi Narada. Due to this lord Brahma got pleased and granted her wish. Thus, she became the wife of Lord Shiva. People who wish for spirituality and spiritual bliss get it all by worshipping Goddess Brahmacharini. The second form of goddess is considered the center of penance which connects with the worshipper and helps him to achieve control on his senses and attain salvation.  

The person who establishes Swadhisthan Chakra while worshipping the goddess gets all his desires fulfilled. It is believed that during the 9 days of Navratra the goddess resides on the earth. Hence, it is considered the most beautiful and auspicious time of the year. The person who observes the fasts and worship the goddess with full faith and dedication is blessed with peaceful and happy life. The devotees of goddess Brahmacharini gets a happy life and no suffering bothers him. 

Brahamcharini Pooja Vidhi
Worship the goddess Brahmacharini along with all other gods and goddesses with flowers, rice, sandalwood in the kalash that you have established on the first day of the Navratra. Give her the bath of milk, curd and honey and offer her the Prasada that is being offered to the Durga Mata. After offering the Prasada encompass her with Paan Supari. Brahmacharini is worshipped after the Kalash dev, the lord of the villages, town and planets.

Take one flower in your hands while worshipping the goddess and chant, “Dadhana Kar padmabhyamakshamalakamandalu, Devi Praseedatu Mayi Brahmacharinyanuttama”.

Now give her the bath of Panchamrit and offer flowers, rice and Kumkum to her. Take a garland made of red flower and lotus and put it over the idol of the goddess. Perform the Aarti with Diya filled with ghee along with Paan, Supari and Prasada. At the end do the prayer chanting,  “Ahawana na janami na janami visarjana, puja chaiva na janami shaswa parmeshwari”. 

Lord Shiva is also worshipped along with her as Brahmacharini performed hard penance for consort Lord Shiva to get him in the form of husband. Ma Brahmacharini does not fulfill any desire of the devotee without praying for Lord Shiva along with her. The goddess sacrificed herself into the fire when Daksha Prajapati humiliated Lord Shiva in the previous birth and no one accepted the Prasada of that Yajna. Hence, lord Shiva has to be worshipped with full faith and devotion to please the goddess. 

In the end take water, flower and rice in your hands put it over the ground, join both the hands and worship Brahmaji along with all the other gods and goddesses chanting  “Om Brahmane Namah” . 

Brahmacharini Mantra
Ya Devi Sarvbhuteshu Srishti Roopen Samsthita |

Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah ||


Dadhana Kar padmabhyamakshamalakamandalu |

Devi Praseedatu Mayi Brahmacharinyanuttama ||

Vande Vanchit Labhayachandraghkritushekhram |

Japmalakamadalu Dharabrahmacharini Shubhama ||

Gauravarna Swadhishthansthitta Dwitya Durga Trinetram |

Dhwala Paridhana Brahmarupa Pushpalankar Bhushitam ||

Param Vandana Pallavradharam Kant Kpola Pin |

Pyodharam Kamniya Lavanya Smeramukhi Nimannabhi Nitmbneem ||

Tapdharini Twahi Taptreya Nivarniyam

Brahmarupdhara Brahmacharini Pranmamyaham ||

Shakarpriya Twahi Bhukti Mukti Dayini |

Shantida Gyanda Brahmacharinipranmamyaham ||

Tripura Me Hridya Patu Lalate Patu Shakarbhamini |

Arpann Sadapatu Netro, Ardhari cha Kapolo ||

Pachdashi Kanthe Patumdhaydeshe Patumheshwari ||

Shodshi Sadapatu Nabho Cha Padyo |

Ang Pratyang Satata Patu Brahmacharini |

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