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Gluten-free/Lo-Carb 'Za
Greetings, Readers and Nibblers, Just wanted to share my positive experience with the increasingly popular, (among lo-carbers and gluten-freeers), cauliflower pizza crust. Been a-juanderin' how good it might be for a while and last week, I gave it a whirl: ...

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Scar Trek
Wow,  Can't believe I haven't posted in here since March. Likely has a lot to do with getting a slice of the flu (only a slice, thanks to the flu-vaccination), at that time and the insane coughing and sinus swelling that have been stealing my dear z's since...

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One for all the dog hearts out there on this, my dog Tony's 13th beautiful birthday: 

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"Dig If You Will", a Portrait.
Hey, All, (especially the Prince fans), This morning, after a night of his, "Diamonds  and Pearls" as the sound track for all my crazy dreams, I power- ( Generation, haha ), watched a few interviews and a posthumous special on the mini musical mage and it m...

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New Leaves
Hello again, Readers, I think it's high time for a bullet list of all the improvements I have noted, especially now that it's been one year exactly, off prednisone. These improvments could also be the result of--results, referring there to my ANCA test resu...

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Sharing another redo of a blast from my past.
May it tap yer toes.
; J

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And so I share la page:
With TIA's and ++++vibes to any future JG-fire-fanners. :*

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A few months/a few years, potato/potahhtohhh:
Well HELLO AGAIN, Readers new and old! It has been the longest blog-break ever, methinks and it's due to a few things--some good and some great. I'll start off while my nose-tip is still frosty, from the long-ish jaunt back from where?  From the recording s...

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Dr. House, to the Inconclusive Room, Please
Hey, All, So, it's been a while and that while, has been a whirl. Since I last wrote, there have been not one, but 2 MRI's and another meeting with the prescribing bone specialist of those, the 14 x-rays and the array of blood tests. I'll start positive, wi...
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