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2 Kinds of Pain Girls Experience Due to Menstruation
is the reason why most girls fear their periods .
Menstrual cramps is something that almost every woman bears each month. The
technical term used for such cramps or pain is “dysmenorrhea”, which is a Greek
word meaning “difficult monthly flow”. Pain

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Major Reasons for Incontinence in People
Urinary Incontinence or loss of bladder control is an underlying and underdiagnosed medical
problem, which has become a silent struggle for a large number of people
worldwide. Over 200 million people in this world suffer from this problem,
according to stat...

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4 Must Know Beauty Hacks for Women
Did you know that Arab woman possesses the youngest
and healthiest skin among all races on our planet? They are blessed with
voluminous and the most lustrous hair that others can only dream of. They are
not only given a second look when they pass by, but al...

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What Your Reason for Having a Sore Throat?
A study conducted in 2015 found that potentially deadly
bacteria, called Fusobacterium necrophorum , were responsible for one out of five cases of sore throat in
young adults. It is very difficult to detect this bacteria, since the patients often
get a nega...

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Everything You Need to Know About Ant Infestation
Saudi Arabia is a desert country that witnesses high
temperatures throughout the year. In summer, the temperature can even go above
120 o F. Because of this hot climate, the region also houses a large
number of pests and insects that are a menace and cause ...

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Headaches and Migraines Cause Concern Worldwide
There is a new target on the World Health Organization (WHO)
agenda. The objective is to know the size and burden of headache in all regions
of the world. The 'Burden of Headache' as defined by the WHO and their
worldwide partnership countries is the amount...

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How to Fight World War 3 in Your Bathroom
This means war! A war declared against the very enemies of
human life and all that human beings hold sacred. A war against the oppressors
of good health whose forces are led by General Bacteria and his Germ Army. You
have been given the task of holding out ...

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How are Sanitary Napkins Effective?
It may be hard to believe but
a woman uses about 10,000 sanitary products during her lifetime. Given that it
is the most painful time of the month for a woman, a lot of thought goes into choosing
the ideal sanitary product and management method. In the Gulf...

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Reasons for Hair Loss and How to Avoid Them
According to an article in The National (UAE), published in
March 2011, hair loss is a growing problem among men in the UAE. Baldness is
more likely in the UAE than other parts of the world and more and more men in
the country are opting for hair loss treat...

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How Botox Can Help in Skin Problems?
There was a time when Botox was frowned upon, with only
celebrities admitting to have gone through the procedure. However, today it has
become a popular noninvasive procedure for a variety of health and skin
problems. In the UAE, nearly 3.18 million botox p...
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