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Hey everyone,

Continuing the tradition, we are pleased to announce Google I/O Extended 2017 Viewing Party at DA-IICT campus. Venue will be announced soon.

Google I/O, the famous Tech event, takes place at San Francisco (CA, USA) but developer community and technology enthusiasts who cannot attend the event in person can be a part of Google I/O Extended parties organized in many cities across the world and witness the excitement on big screen.

Last year's Google I/O saw the launching of the much awaited Android Nougat, and announcements regarding Google Home, Daydream, Allo, Duo, and Google Assistant. There are expectations of Android O being announced this year alongside a new pixel phone and updates on DayDream and Tango.

Date: 17th May, Wednesday
Time: 9:30 PM - 12:00 PM

You can confirm that you'll be attending the event by filling this form:
Registeration Link
We hope to see you there in huge numbers!

Google Developers' Group DA-IICT

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GDG DA-IICT, after a brief hiatus is back with a follow up session on Vue.js, a JavaScript library for building web interfaces.
We had a covered the setup part of Vue, two way data binding, event handling in the past session.

In this session we'll be covering the following topics:- - Creating reusable components
- Parent-child component communication
- Other integral functions

We strongly encourage all those who attended the last session to attend this session as well as it will help build upon the parts they have already learned.
Newcomers and those with basic familiarity with JavaScript are welcome as well.

Relevant Details:-

Date: 14th April, 2017 (Friday)
Time: 9:00 PM
Venue: CEP 110

You can register for the event here:-

Google Developers' Group DA-IICT

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GDG DA-IICT will be taking a session on Vue.js tomorrow. Vue.js is a JavaScript library for building web interfaces. It's the second most popular JavaScript framework after ReactJs.
Register for the session here:-

Why Vue over React:-
It's easier to learn since you only need to know basic JavaScript.
It's faster.
lets you build applications instantly.
Easy to debug.
Transitioning to React or any other framework is easier.
Basic knowledge of JavaScript is required for this session.
Following are the relevant details for the session:-
Date:- 7th March (Tuesday)
Time:- 6:30 PM
Venue:- CEP - 110

We hope to see you there!

Google Developers' Group, DA-IICT

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After the successful Linux installation drive and the Introductory session for Python, we felt that everyone should know how to make the best of their Linux environment.
With that in mind, we'll be keeping our next session on Python Automation and Bash Scripting. Basic understanding of Python is required for the session.

We plan to cover following topics:-
Basics of HTTP.
Uses of Requests library, urllib library
BeautifulSoup for web scraping.
Useful scripts such as custom youtube downloader and cyberoam autologin
Bash shellscripting (Linux)
Basics of Selenium Framework
We strongly encourage all those who attended the last session to attend this one.
For those who missed out, here is the link to the material covered: Introductory Python

Date: 17th Feb (Friday)
Time: 6:30 PM
Venue: CEP-110

Register for the session here:
Please make sure you've Python 2.7 and pip (If it wasn't included with Python already) installed.

Google Developers' Group, DA-IICT

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After the successful Linux Installation Drive, we felt that everyone should know how to make the best of their Linux operating environment. We will be organizing a basic "Introduction to Python" session which would cover the fundamental constructs in Python language. This session would form the basis for the session on 'Bash Scripting and Python Automation' which we plan to take later.

The session is open for everyone to attend, but we politely request all the experts in python to refrain from attending the event. We plan to keep things going very smoothly, especially for the first yearites. We also encourage first yearites to attend this session.

All are requested to bring their Laptops for the session. Make sure that you have Python 2.7 installed.
Registration Form:

Date: 20th Jan (Friday)
Time: 6:00 PM
Venue: CEP-110

Google Developers' Group, DA-IICT

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A very happy new year to all of you. As the year begins, GDG is coming with their latest session- Linux Installation Drive. For all you people who have already experienced enough of college to know how important Linux is for you, we will install it for your laptops. For those who haven't yet experienced it, trust us when we say having Linux in your laptops is necessary. In this drive we will talk a bit about some of the different distributions of Linux and then install them for you. We can either dual boot your laptop or erase everything and install Linux. For the installation, we have three different types- Ubuntu, Mint and Elementary. Fill this form, to give your preference.

Date: Thursday, 5th January.
Time: 6:30 pm
Venue: CEP 110


1. Please keep a back up of all your data. It is recommended to create a recovery disk for your Windows.
2. Bring your laptops fully charged.
3. Empty at least 50 GB of memory space in your hard drive.
4. Fill the above form latest by tomorrow- Wednesday 9 pm. If you don't fill it before that you might not get a choice regarding the distribution of Linux.


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Hello Everyone,

We are organizing a Google Summer of Code Introductory Session on Thursday, 13th, October, 2016 for all those students who wish to know about GSoC in depth, especially the 1st & 2nd year students who wish to make the most of their summers.

GSoC is an open source mentoring program funded and sponsored entirely by Google which allows you to work with famous FOSS (Free and Open Source) Communities like Mozilla, KDE, Fedora, and many more; in the three months of summer, coding on a project of your choice, with a considerable stipend and knowledge of real world application coding acquired in return.

Further, experienced GSOCers will take their respective sessions to familiarize you with the procedure, requisite and knowledge to get selected in this prestigious programme. This will answer all your basic questions like how to apply, how to prepare for this program, what all is required to get selected, how you should approach any organisation, etc.

If you are a thinking to get into open source world, this is the time! Hope to see you there!

Date: Thursday, 13th October, 2016
Venue: LT - 3
Time: 9:30 to 11 pm


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GDG DA-IICT will be conducting a session on Meteor. The session will be held on 5th October, Wednesday.
Prerequisite for this session is Basic JavaScript. In case you do not know JavaScript you can quickly learn it from here -

Meteor is a JavaScript based full stack framework used to make web/mobile applications.

Why should you learn MeteorJS:
Both backend and frontend is coded in JavaScript.
You only have to build your web app and Meteor will automatically generate android and iOS app for you
In this session we will be making an App and learn following things -
Basic and important Meteor concepts that will help you learn it further.
MongoDB and important database queries.
Basic ReactJS that will help build the frontend.
Please register yourself here before the session:

Date: 5th October, Wednesday
Time: 9:00 PM Onwards
Venue: CEP - 208

Hope to see you there.

Google Developers' Group, DA-IICT

Greetings Everyone!
GDG DA-IICT will be conducting a session on Meteor.
This session will be especially useful for those interested in learning web development.Hands-on session will be conducted from 9-12 on 5th October(Wednesday).
Speakers-Shreyans Gandhi & Khushil Mistry

Greetings everybody,
We have sent a confirmation email to all the non-DAIICT participants who can attend DevFest 2016. Please check your emails.
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