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Scott O'Keefe
Test Coordinator, Digital Home, CHOICE
Test Coordinator, Digital Home, CHOICE

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Started a new test of WiFi speakers. They promise a lot, but might not be so easy to use...

Here we go !  Three more TV tests back-to-back. We'll have two testers working in tandem, so go, go, go !  The first batch will be mostly 80~102cm size models.

Out in the park later this afternoon. Range testing cordless phones.

As well as the TV update, I've got five e-book readers under test for an update to that article. Some full colour, some e-ink.

No big surprises yet. I'll be tucked up in bed doing some low-light reading every evening for the next week or so.

I have another 12 new TVs on the rack, and we hope to get through a viewing panel on them tomorrow. Sizes from 80 to 152cm, so should be something for everyone in this update.

Just writing the profiles at the completion of testing a new batch of 12 TVs. Our tour group yesterday had some members who said, "I bet I can pick which one is the Sony" (Sony fans, I assume), but they gave up after three wrong guesses.

Just wrapped up a test of universal remote controls. So, what's next ? Another batch of lovely televisions !

I'm road testing car GPS around Sydney. Next week, off to the rural areas !  12 units - not all on the windscreen at the same time, you'll be pleased to know...

My panel of three expert listeners will be here tomorrow and Wednesday to hear the latest batch of home-theatre-in-a-box systems. There are even a couple of sound bars thrown in for comparison.
We'll seal the doors to the Sound Room, and turn them up !  ( Not all the way though - no-one likes 10% and more harmonic distortion... )

I unpacked a Sony 4k resolution TV yesterday. Chris Ruggles will do a First Look review of it, and then we'll also include it in our next batch of regular TV testing. Interesting to see that Sony have put the speakers either side of the screen (making it rather wide), but of course, we're most interested to see how it handles upscaling of 576 and 1080 content !
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