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Benching Kap is just silly. They let him play with a hurt hand, told the world his throwing hand was injured (something no team in their right mind would do) and then felt it was a good idea to bench him even though there was no running game or running backs left to play. Say what you will about Kap. He has not played well, but neither has anyone on this team. He's a symptom not the illness. Treat the illness.

That being said, I have never loved Kaps game. I am more a pure-ist when it comes to a QB. I was hoping he would evolve into more of a Steve Young. But I also know he was handed a raw deal. I have been impressed with his ability to take over a game, but expect nothing of that sort without a real coaching staff, front office, and especially offensive line.
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I want ideas.  How do we hold #JedYork  accountable?
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If we keep Roman I will flip out.

49ers fans, is Brand Lloyd's catch the best one he's ever made? 
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I have to give it up to Frank Gore.  The longest receiving touchdown of his career, and of a running back this season.  Man, this guy still has it.  And how about Kaepernick, who wasn't perfect but made that throw to Gore, and the others to Johnson, and Boldin.  This team won on defense, needs to fix its special teams, but gosh that offense was fun to watch today.
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Watching Harbaugh spar with the media is always fun.  Forget about whether you agree with the McDonald stance or not for a minute, and just watch Harbaugh rip the media member a part:
"I was just wondering if perhaps … It’s unfair to really ask you these questions. Perhaps, 49ers CEO Jed York or team president Paraag Marathe or a lawyer might come in after you and answer some questions, legitimate questions, that we have?

“I’m more than happy to answer the question. I think we exactly answered the gentlemen’s question. No, district attorney, his office has not been keeping me abreast. And to answer your question, I don’t know that. Just speaking on what your statement really is or your conclusion there, I believe that our position on the issue has been well-stated and we’re following that process.”"
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i am at a loss. are the niners just as lost?
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49ers have been playing slopping selfish football. Time to get sound.
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This was a big win. It had big plays. It had big injuries.  It had big mistakes.  The lack of discipline from this game is what the 49ers will have to worry about - because even the injuries, although effecting most of the defensive backs on the active roster, were relatively 'minor'.  There is no doubt, the Niners made some incredible plays.  Skuta and Willis were on fire.  Dontae Johnson filled in well.  You can't ignore Vernon Davis, Boldin, Gore or Hyde.  Even Aaron Lynch looked good out there.  Kaepernick of course.  But the lack of discipline will kill this team if they can't get it sorted out... and fast.  
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