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Posts looks like it's down. Just wanted to make sure you were aware.

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I find that I'm less excited by helping people a second or third time, because I've already gotten a testimonial from them. Wonder if this is the over-justification effect at work:

I still enjoy the talk, but at the end, I miss getting my treat (read: testimonial).

Anyone else feel similarly?

How do you handle repeats? Do you ask for another testimonial? Do you only allow people one office hours call? Is the solution just to pull another tool out of the gamification box?

NB: I'm not talking about friends or colleagues I know well who are just calling through office hours because it's more convenient to schedule. I'm talking about people who only ever interact with me through office hours.

As Sohelpful continues to grow, I find it increasingly difficult to keep track of who I can easily refer people to. I wrote before about how I'm much more likely to send a Sohelpful link than send an email intro because it's faster. So increasingly I find myself wanting a list of all the people I know on Sohelpful that I could be referring folks to. I suppose I could keep a spreadsheet, and in fact, I probably will if there's not an generalized solution. I suspect there's some good use for the social graph here.

Just noticed a bug with my embedded sohelpful page. If I click the link to book, it opens the entire page within the iframe, rather than the parent window. I suspect the solution is <a target="_parent" href="">link</a> but I don't think I can that to the link myself.

I realized today that I'm much more likely to refer people from my office hours to other people who have SoHelpful pages, because it's just more convenient to send someone a link to the page than to send an introduction email to someone else in my network.

So: Would anyone be interested in talking with a recent grad in DC who's interested in social entrepreneurship?

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Minor issue: Noticed that the image facebook pulls out of my profile page is from one of the testimonials, rather than my headshot.

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I just embedded my SoHelpful page in my WordPress powered website. If you're interested, here's what it looks like:

And here's how I did it:
First, install the "iframe" plugin to enable support for iframes through shortcode.
Then create a page with this code (obviously modify your links accordingly unless you want people to be booking office hours with me instead!):

[iframe width="90%" height="2000" src=""]
<p style="text-align: center;">See more at <a title="Teague Hopkins on" href="">SoHelpful</a>.</p>

My page is a full width template, meaning no default sidebar in WP. The 90% width variable in the iframe is to force the embedded site down to the first responsive size, since there's a small range (somewhere around 1000 to 1014) where the schedule button clips oddly at the full size. The percentage to achieve this may vary depending on your WP site's width. I like using a percentage instead of fixed width because then it scales down appropriately with the responsive design of my site.

The height variable intentionally cuts off some testimonials, which is why I included the link to the full page. I'm happy with that setup, although someone else might have a solution for scaling it to show all your testimonials.

If users click the shiny green button, they get sent to another page (not listed in my menu) holding the grid.

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Ok, I'll admit it. I was initially against having handle scheduling, because I've got a system that works great, but if it still integrates with Google Calendar, I would switch just to avoid the hassle of remembering to send testimonial requests. That's the biggest point of friction for me right now. I think part of it has to do with the feeling that I should be writing a personal note to each of these people-- an obligation I probably wouldn't feel if the system sent out the request without human interaction, whether that's rational or not.

Noticed a small bug in today. When I entered the email address to request a testimonial with a capital letter in the domain name ( the form rejected it. Normally, I would not use caps, but I had copy pasted from elsewhere. Luckily, I guessed the problem and it accepted with no problem.

Fairly minor bug, but also an easy fix: the form could simply clean that input field instead of throwing an error.
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