wrote: "Hosted by NASA's Ames Research Center, the new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab will be home to a quantum computer made by D-Wave Systems. Operated by the Universities Space Research Association, the supercomputer will be available to researchers around the world to work on their own projects." wrote: "The new lab will be outfitted with a D-Wave Two — a 512-qubit machine that costs in the region of $15 million. Prior to QAIL taking delivery of the cryogenically cooled quantum computer, Lockheed Martin was the first and only owner of a D-Wave One in 2011, and then recently it upgraded to a D-Wave Two. There is still some debate over whether D-Wave’s machines are actually quantum computers, but at least for a small set of specialized functions, most critics have acquiesced. Before stumping up the cash for the D-Wave Two, NASA, Google, and the USRA (Universities Space Research Association) ran some benchmarks to confirm that the quantum computer actually offers a speed boost over conventional supercomputers — and it passed." wrote: "The move could kick off a sort of arms race for webscale companies to buy quantum computers and come up with new notions by way of probabilistic logic. In this way, Google could help push the development of quantum computing much like its invention of MapReduce changed the way firms do distributed data processing." wrote: "The goal is to study how quantum computing might be leveraged to advance machine learning, a branch of AI that has proven crucial to Google's success." wrote: "Google said it had already devised machine-learning algorithms that work inside the quantum computer, which is made by D-Wave Systems of Burnaby, British Columbia. One could quickly recognize information, saving power on mobile devices, while another was successful at sorting out bad or mislabeled data. The most effective methods for using quantum computation, Google said, involved combining the advanced machines with its clouds of traditional computers." wrote: "Quantum computing took a giant leap forward on the world stage today as NASA and Google, in partnership with a consortium of universities, launched an initiative to investigate how the technology might lead to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence."

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