For people who are new to the #Singularity - here is a primer:

1. The Singularity is a colossal intelligence explosion due to exponentially growing technology. It is all about #artificialintelligence - human level AI, which isn't constrained by the slowness of how life-forms traditionally evolved, thus the intelligence rapidly increases, it explodes.
2. Immortality is an aspect of the Singularity. Immortality will be achieved via regenerative medicine. Via #StemCells people will easily regrow or repair their bodies thus our bodies will have the appearance of eternal youth. We will rewind and pause aging, we will cure all diseases. We will also augment our bodies with tiny robots, nanotechnology, nanobots, which means we will effectively have super-powers. We will be harder, better, faster, stronger. A complete mastery of robotics, nanotechnology, and biological sciences will allow us to be become super smart, super strong, super-humans. The phrase #Transhumanity is often used to describe this transition from Homo sapiens into a superior new species of super-intelligent life. We will become super-humans.

3. Everything will be free in the future due to Post-Scarcity. To paraphrase Peter Diamandis, who is a founder of Planetary Resources, please note how technology is a scarcity liberating process. Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries are good examples of how technology will allow us to access the limitless resources of Space. Via increasingly efficient devices, technology is continually creating greater abundance, which means, despite the growing divide between rich and poor people, many poor people have access to marvelous technological gadgetry, such as smartphones. The greater abundance we are already seeing is nothing compared to the abolition of scarcity, which we are approaching.

Resources only need prices due to scarcity, which is why the price of oil increases if there is a war. Wars make the oil more difficult to extract, more scarce, thus the increased scarcity creates increased prices. Limits regarding the availability of a resource means the limited resource is more expensive, therefore by totally transcending the limits of resources everything becomes free. Imagine if computers were superabundant similar to the air you breathe? In that situation, similar to how you don't pay for the air you breathe, you wouldn't pay for computers.

Humans are already radically expanding the capability and efficiency of available resources, which means a computer formerly the size of a large room, or warehouse, consuming a large amount of electricity, now fits into your pocket, via a smartphone, and it consumes considerably less electricity. A massive intelligence explosion via AI will allow us to refine progress regarding efficiency, which in combination with access to limitless resources in Space will ensure everything is free. In the future nobody will need to work and everybody will be able have anything they want. 3D-printers, or nanobot assemblers, will totally decentralize manufacturing, which will be like file-sharing on super-steroids applied to everything.  

4. Post-Scarcity is an alternate name for the Singularity; these two concepts are simply different viewpoints of the same event. Post-Scarcity is a more socio-economic view, a more sociological view, because it deals more with sociological ramifications instead of merely focusing on the technology. Our greatest resource is intelligence, it is the source of all resources but currently intelligence is scarce, thus from explosive intelligence total freedom (limitless resources) will flow.

5. To summarize the Singularity (Post-Scarcity), the word to focus on is limitlessness. Our lifespans will be limitless, our intelligence will be limitless, our resources will be limitless, our happiness will be limitless, our joy will be limitless.

6. Finally we come to the deadline, the latest date regarding when we expect all this to happen, which is 2045. The Singularity will happen no later than the year 2045. Hopefully, via the awareness we are generating, we can accelerate the Singularity, we can make it happen sooner than our 2045 deadline.

7. What will you be doing in the year 2045? Very likely you will be living in Space. Most certainly wherever you are you will be a having great time, you will be perfectly happy without any worries.

If you want to read more about the Singularity I would suggest The Law of Accelerating Returns is a good starting place. Join our growing +Singularity 2045 movement. Add this page to your circles if you have not already done so, which will allow you to keep track of the latest sci-tech news.

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