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#SaveBCFilm  +SaveBCFilm +We Love BC Film

Hmmmm... what is going on with the BC Film Industry?  Find out more:

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Happy Belated Public Domain Day!

How does the public domain affect us all?

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Vancouver actually gets to play Vancouver in the future!

Continuum is a time travel police drama, centered on a cop (Kiera Cameron played by Rachel Nichols) from the year 2077, who gets trapped in present day Vancouver.  For us locals this means that the show, developed and produced by Reunion Pictures in association with Shaw Media, is filmed on location in Vancouver and it actually claims to be Vancouver too!  This might start to make up for the fact that some of us had to pretend not to recognize the buildings on Caprica, from Battlestar Galactica, that were supposed to be in a galaxy far, far away…

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Thandie Newton, filming in Vancouver, Stars in a New Crime Drama Series

'Rogue' will be the first regular role on a TV series for Thandie Newton (Crash, Mission Impossible 2), but the most interesting thing is that DirecTV is directly (haha) responsible for the new crime drama being made.

Learn more from our house of researchy goodness!

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Great Up-Coming Canadian Film Manages to Keep Production Local

Read about the new film Cruel & Unusual and how #MadSamurai has managed to keep the writing, filming, production, and distribution in #Vancouver.

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Twin Vancouver filmmakers, the Soska Sisters, will screen ‘American Mary’ at the Whistler Film Festival

We are excited because the Research House worked on the script for American Mary(2012) earlier this year, and now this horror thriller starring Katharine Isabelle, Antonio Cupo and Tristan Risk is premiering at the Whistler Film Festival in 6 days!

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When you Google "James Bond Drink", What comes up?
Well, in our little test, for image search, the first page results in (out of 21):

3 Piece Brosman with Martini
6 Sean Connery 2 Scotch, 3 Martini, 1 Wine?
2 Roger Moore with Martini
4 Daniel Craig with Martini
2 Daniel Craig with a Heineken


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Package Deal is another great comedy from Thunderbird Films (Mr. Young). And, you can see it live! If you're going to be in the Metro Vancouver area, email to reserve your seats for a regular Thursday night show.
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