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Pedro Araújo (Monstrinho)

Just out of curiosity, how much do you play, and how much do you GM, and for how long?

Me, I've been 100% player for some ten years, then when I finally grew balls and decided to GM, I found it so fun that for a couple years I almost couldn't play anymore. Then I settled for 50/50, having one other player in my table (who was already more experienced at running games) run a different campaign, and we'd alternate between them weekly.

Currently (last two months or so) I'm only playing again, since I ditched my old campaign due to burn out, but I'm getting a new one ready to begin in a couple weeks (and the other GM is getting a little burned out himself, so I guess I'll be exclusively GM for a while again)

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Some resources for lo-prep campaigns

I'm currently ditching my Mage: the Ascension campaign, and planning a new one in a weird-WWII setting. To make it more adventure-centered, and avoid the frustration of having my awesome (in my mind) plot going nowhere (not only I don't believe much in railroading, I also absolutely suck at it), I've decided to make this one more about improv on cool NPCs, locations and events than about reaching a goal. Here's the stuff I've used:

* 3-3-3 ( quickly became 4-7-13, or so, but yeah. Use it to create cool contents, keep the adventure centered on them. Need a random location? Instead of working one out to suit the situation, work out an excuse to throw in a place you already thought about (and re-use them!)

* 5x5 method ( this one is very popular, but I use it with a twist: since I don't want to push goals to my players, instead of long-term goals, I had adventure-wide hazards (this is WWII, after all!); instead of short-term goals, the hazards have escalation steps. So one hazard is the developing nazi magi-tech, another is a Nephandus working for the nazis, another is an italian "Greenwar" group (as in, evil Greenpeace), and so on.

* Wireframes and skins ( finally, for all the NPCs not fully(ish) fleshed on the 3-3-3 step, I made some wireframes. Together with some random lists of names (lots. I need at least 3 major nationalities plus lots of other less-used ones) and motivations, I can create any needed NPC on the fly.

And that's mostly it! Haven't tested it on table yet, probably in a couple weeks or so.

Hey guys.

The other day, I accidentally got two friends at work interested in RPG. One of them is an avid reader who likes Sci Fi (like me), around late thirties and never had any contact with any roleplaying in his life. He said he had a story in mind to write, but which he probably would like to GM.

I am thinking about GMing something to them, so he could learn the ropes and hopefully GM us what he has in mind. I intend to GM in a system that's a) easy to learn for newcomers (d6's only? That's not a requirement, tho), b) the same one he would use for his adventure.

He has space sci-fi in mind. I have played and GM'd a lot of generic settings, even space sci-fi, on Old Storyteller system. The rules are pretty easy to get a hold of, but I believe a system designed for a specific setting can sometimes be more fun.

I've heard some good things about Traveller, but from what I understand, it's focused on spacefights and commerce. His idea is all about exploration, such as in humans looking for a new home in an unknown and (as far as I know) uninhabited space, so combat and commerce mechanics would be largely wasted. Does anyone know of a system that would fit like a glove?

Thanks in advance.
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