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Dear +Montel Williams:

Sir I watched the news article on The Foundry & I was so moved by what you had to say. Sir one thing I would like to bring to your attention is the fact that veterans like myself suffering from Gulf War Illness have been pretty much swept under the rug. It has taken over 30 years for the +U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs to admit that Agent Orange was real & you would think they would have learned from that history. However sir, that is not the case. Right now there are over 250,000 veterans like myself suffering from GWI. Many have died & many have committed suicide because they could not endure the pain related to this ailment. I know, because I wear the dog tags of two of my brothers I have lost to this illness as a result of self inflicted gunshot wounds to the head.

I am so passionate about bringing out the truth about Gulf War Illness, that I have created a DVD with five videos on it and I will be sending this out within the next few days to the following individuals or organizations: The President, The House and Senate Committees on Veterans' Affairs, CNN News, USA Today, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Sen. James “Jim” Inhofe, Sen. Thomas Coburn, Rep. Jim Bridenstine, DAV, AMVets, etc...

I would love to do an interview and expose the fact that even though the VA has added several presumptive conditions for GWI claims, the fact remains that over 80% of veterans submitting claims related to GWI as myself are still getting their claims denied. I have all my medical records and VA files to prove it. My last C&P examination was full of lies.

I have built the following advocacy pages to help in the fight for GWI:
YouTube channel:
I have several own videos and interviews uploaded into the YouTube channel.

Please remember, this page and channel are not about me. I do this because I know that if I do NOT fight for justice more Gulf War veterans will die an agonizing death and I do not want to have to add any more dog tags to my chain.

I would be more than glad to do an interview concerning GWI and the VA. I believe so strongly in the cause I am willing to drive my own self to the interview. I can even coordinate an interview via Google+ Hangouts to make it happen.

I could go on forever on the matter, but I am really trying to keep this as short as possible. I want to thank you so much for your support of our veterans.

Thank you,
Glenn Stewart
US Army & NG retired
Gulf War Illness / aka CMI casualty & advocate
YouTube channel:
Former talk-show host Montel Williams delivered an emotional speech slamming the Obama administration and Congress for their treatment of veterans.
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I have always liked #MontelWilliams! A little left, but Fewer Gentlemen I trust an Opinion from!
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#gulfwarillness #gulfwarsyndrome

This is the statement I provided during the RAC (Research Advisory Committee) meeting April 28, 2014 on Gulf War Illness.
I had several people inform me they could not play the dropbox .aac file, so I have converted this into a YouTube video.

At the end of the video I misquoted the term CMI (Chronic Multi Illness) as CIM. This in fact is due to my mental cognition issues I have related to Gulf War Illness.

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Glenn Stewart

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#nsa   #snowden   #privacy  
We now know the apparatus of repression has been attached to the democratic state, but our struggle for privacy is far from hopeless. By Eben Moglen
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Ok good news! 
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Glenn Stewart

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Kelly File | Panel addresses VA scandal.
Published on May 24, 2014
The Kelly File brings on a panel of experts to discuss the latest developments in the VA scandal. Three of CVA's very own were included: Amber Barno, Darin Selnick and Kat-Gates Skipper. 
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Find the best solar panel installers in your area.
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Question: Which part of the body does Lupus not affect?
Answer: NONE

Look at this diagram from The Lupus Foundation of America. There isn't a single organ or system that Systemic Lupus does not attack.

My history throughout the years include:
Central & Peripheral Nervous System
1) Migraines, Cognitive Dysfunction, Neurothapies(numbness in hands & feet) & a low grade fever most days.

Eyes & Mucous Membranes
2) I have had glaucoma in both eyes, blurry vision & can no longer wear contact lenses, which I really miss!

3) I get ulcers in my mouth & occasionally nose; the ulcers look like blisters & are so painful it's difficult to eat.

4) Sjogren's Syndrome is another autoimmune disease by itself, which I also have. It causes excessive dryness of the eyes, lining of the bladder that feels like a urinary tract infection without the infection, fatigue, & arthritis pain.

Heart & Lungs
5) I have high blood pressure, cholesterol & triglycerides, all increasing my risk for a heart attack. My blood pressure is controlled by medication. I also have 2 heart valves that are leaking & will need to be replaced. I've had 3 mini-strokes or TIA's, & 1 full stroke. I take a blood thinner to prevent clots from forming.

6) I've had pleurisy in my lungs, & I get bronchitis & pneumonia easily from a simple cold.

7) I've been living with an intermittent bowel obstruction for 10 years now; I have greet difficult digesting all food & can only eat small amounts. I had my bowel resectioned & portions removed, making me a high risk for surgical correction of the obstruction. My entire abdomen is filled with adhesions from many abdominal surgeries.

8) This is my longest & continuous battle. I've had Lupus Nephritis, kidney failure, kidney stones & chronic infections. My legs swell (edema) & it's common for me to have blood in my urine.

Reproductive System
9) I always had problems with my periods that required a D&C procedure every year starting at age 17; I had 3 miscarriages but was given the miracle of my son, then had a hysterectomy.

10) I have extreme fatigue, arthritis in every joint & throughout my spine, & get muscle aches as well during a flare. This all sounds benign here, but the level of intense pain over your entire body is difficult to explain. Lupus pain is comparable to an end stage cancer patients' pain.

11) Lupus causes anemia, blood clots (Thrombosis), circulatory problems & decreases both white & red blood cells, as well as leukemia & certain blood cancers. I have a history of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) in my legs as the as anemia requiring blood transfusions.

12) The butterfly rash across the cheeks & nose is the most recognizable symptom of Lupus. The sun makes us sick & we can't tolerate high temperatures. My hair comes out in clumps but grows back; I've had Vasculitis & I also have Raynauds Phenomenon, another autoimmune disease to affects the circulation in your hands & feet, causing pain & discoloration of the skin.

That's just my story, and it's incomplete. This is how I live my life every day, not knowing which symptom(s) are going to appear. It can be a few or many, & require hospitalization.

This is Lupus...& It took all of my energy to write this post, so please help spread awareness to help educate everyone! Thank you!

#lupusawareness2014 #chronicillness #lupus 
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Glenn Stewart

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As you know by now, an early diagnosis of Lupus is critical in keeping the disease from attacking any or all organs in the body.

Patients who are diagnosed properly have a 70% chance of living a relatively normal life & life span without organ involvement. This is EXCELLENT NEWS!

The statistic above is why spreading Lupus Awareness is so important to me. I want to prevent just one person, from going through what I have; with funding for research & recognizing the symptoms, many will go on to lead productive, full lives.

Thank you for reading and sharing these posts, you're helping more people than you know!

#Lupusawareness2014 #lupus #weneedacure #motivation 
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Your are most welcome xoxoxo :-)
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Big Book of Assholes - Department of Veterans Affairs
Aired:  05/19/14 
V.A. offices in several states alter hospital records to hide the degree of their inadequacy and negligence.
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Glenn Stewart

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Some photos I took while in DC.
Here are some of the photos I took while visiting Washington, DC. Once we were done with the 2 day RAC meeting, we then spent 2 days speaking with Senators and members of Congress advocating for veterans suffering from Gulf War Illness.

Then on the final day Peter & I got to play tourist. We got an exclusive tour of the Capitol courtesy of Senator Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin). The young lady in the photo was one of the Senators interns who provided the tour. It was awesome. We got to go into areas normally not open to the general public. Sweeeeeeet :-D
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I am kind of a private person. You will not see a million blogs informing the world "I am taking a dump or I just picked a big booger" or anything like that. If you are looking for those kind of blogs, go to FB. I basically have this open to keep up with the latest technologies, staying in touch with people I know & meeting new people. I am always willing to meet new interesting people. NOTE!!! Interesting people. If you are pushy about your beliefs or narrow minded, keep moving down the road to someone else. I do not mind a friendly debate, as long as it is done with respect & NO trolling. ***If you would like to be added to my circles, you must have at least some kind of a profile, be able to communicate in English, Spanish or even German.*** I like to get an idea first of the person trying to add me to their circles. If your "About" is blank I will look no further. I am not fluent in German, but I do know enough to get around the language. Veteran Desert Storm 1st Cavalry Division. Victim of Gulf War Syndrome.

PS If you add me to circles, have 0 or 1 follower and you do not at least say hello you will be blocked, since I assume you are stalking me. Every now and then I do go through the list of whom added me and clean house.

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