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Driving in the winter in #Illinois   brings a whole new set of challenges. 

Snow, sleet and ice can make driving hazardous, limiting visibility and control while driving. It is no wonder that there are so many car accidents during these cold months, causing not only damage to thousands of vehicles, but also causing serious injuries and fatalities.

#Chicago   #roadsafety   #roadsafetyawareness   #winteriscoming  

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Tragic Accident. Please be mindful and responsible whenever you're on the road. Great article from +Matthew Dolman 

Happy #4thofJuly and BE SAFE!

Motorcycle Crash Results in Death of National Guard Member

Motorcycle crashes are often deadly. Sadly, this week, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and a current member of the Florida National Guard, was killed in a motorcycle accident in St. Augustine. This particular accident only involved the motorcycle the veteran, John Hruz 52, was riding. Mr. Hruz failed to properly adjust going into a curve and his motorcycle went off the road and flipped over several times.

Mr. Hruz was ejected from the bike and his body was found 18 feet from the wreckage. He was not wearing a helmet, and as a result died at the scene. Sadly, this sort of accident happens all the time. A local reporter noted that this was the third motorcycle accident, like this, in that area this year. Sadly, countless others have taken place in Florida and across the nation.

Motorcycle safety is crucial. Florida is a beautiful state, with great year round weather for riding a motorcycle. As a result, our state sees increased motorcyclists on the road and also increased motorcycle related accidents, injuries, and fatalities.  All this emphasizes an obvious point: it is important to put safety first.

#motorcycle   #motorcycles  

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A disturbing helmet-cam video from a bicyclist in California who was involved in a hit-and-run accident. Not only did the video capture the collision itself, it also helped law enforcement officials track down the perpetrator.

#bicycle #bicycleaccident #bikesafety #bike  

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Read the article and be informed about the alarming figures that contribute to distracted driving
There are more than 6,000 reasons why texting and driving should be banned nationwide. The statistics are alarming. -

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See for yourself if your car is included in this list.
Here are the list of 10 cars with the highest claims frequency and are perceived to be likely involved in accidents. The numbers enclosed in parentheses are the claim frequencies per 1,000 insured vehicle years:

10. Chevrolet Aveo wagon (22.3)
9. Nissan Sentra (23)
8. Dodge Avenger (23.7)
6. Hyundai Accent (24.6) tie
6. Nissan Versa (24.6) tie
5. Kia Rio (24.9)
4. Mitsubishi Galant (25.4)
3. Chevrolet Aveo (26)
2. Suzuki SX4 (26.6)
1. Toyota Yaris (28.5)
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