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Did Not Know That You'll Lose All Your Facebook Share Counts When Migrating from HTTP to HTTPs?

Didn't Know but Found a Technical Fix!
💥 Did you migrate your site to HTTPS? Get your Facebook social shares count back now!

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New Post on how to Skyrocket your Conversion Ratios using Copywriting

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New Post >>>

🤓 ➡ Discover the 23 Secret Copywriting Techniques You Can Use to Create Fascinating Content

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Food for Thought ...
Could Fake News Links Impact a Site's Rankings? #seo #fakenews #google

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Today we released another case study on Penguin 4.0

This one covers a lot of traffic recoveries. Some sites haven't seen such high increases in organic traffic for 3 years.

Should be interesting how this develops over the following weeks.

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Two weeks ago Penguin 4.0 was launched.

Lots of people reported various penalties and recoveries but few published them.

Today we release an in-depth analysis on a sites that was penalized in the past and has ...
Google Penguin 4.0 = More Traffic Penalties and Recoveries

Lots of people reported them, but few published their experiences.

Today CognitiveSEO releases an in-depth analysis of a site that was penalized in the past and today has ...

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Last month we researched 23 million shares from 300k pages in order to analyze the correlation between Social Sharing and Google Ranking.

Today we published the study. What I can tell you is that the results are pretty interesting.

Read the full research below.
Brand new research on the social signals' correlation with organic rankings

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Today we published a brand new SERP research on 34K keywords.
We analyzed the influence of title and Url based to the SERP position.
Let me know your thoughts ;)

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Today +cognitiveSEO launched an improved version of our Site Explorer.

Check it out and read the details in the post below.
Brand new updates for the cognitiveSEO's Site Explorer for a better experience
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