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We have a puppy coming soon. What is your Golden's favorite toy/treat? We are getting ready. :~)

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We have had 2 Goldens in the past. Our last one was only 4 when she died of liver cancer and Husband was heartbroken. We have a puppy Golden coming the 1st of Jan and we are so excited. Here is her baby picture. :~)

Not watching the GOP Convention.  I'm pretty sure very little of what they all promise could actually happen if Trump is elected.  I'm voting for Pence.

I love these studies and the insights by Dr. Bock. His book "Progressive Dispensationalism" gave the Bible unity for me. Only on Lesson 2 but I'm so excited!

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I love these!!

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There are NO words for this.  On only one level---the $$ to purchase more weapons from Russia and then to supply them to their puppets "states".  Can this US Gov't be anymore anti-American??  Talk about idiocy while endangering the rest of the World and aiding our enemies!!

Which news organization do you consider the most accurate and expedient?

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No surprise.  They are probably in Cuba!

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Sigh....................  I miss an American Commander-in-Chief.
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