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Deke Kassabian
Enhance living and learning through technology
Enhance living and learning through technology

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Talking To Technology
Until about the mid 1980s, almost everybody
interacted with a computer using only a
keyboard and a command line interface or
“CLI.” No mouse, no point and click interface,
and certainly no touch screen. When the mouse and the point-and-click interface came ...

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25 Pieces of Advice I Give Myself
...and I'd give you, too, if you asked me. In the early days of Facebook, people often posted lists. It was a trend at some point to post 25 things about yourself. This post is inspired by that, but rather than 25 things about me this is a list of 25 pieces...

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This Year, Resolve to Protect Your Identity
(In higher ed IT we often give advice on protecting identity through careful  practices.   This is a simplified version of some of that advice.) The start of a year is a
great time to take stock and to commit (or re-commit) to the things that matter
to us. ...

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Fishing off Newport Beach
Plenty of Red Snapper and Rockfish on a beautiful fall day Whenever I travel near the coasts, whether for business or
pleasure, I look for an opportunity to go fishing. Back in late October I attended a
great higher education Information Technology conferen...

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Five Years Blogging
A little more than 5 years ago I started the RapidGroove blog with a post called “I think that bird said beep.” I had my reasons for starting to blog; I wanted to challenge
myself to be productive through more frequent writing on interesting non-work topics...

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Tesla Model 3
I don't hide the fact that I’m a fan of Tesla Motors and their founder Elon Musk . Back in June of 2012, I
wrote in this blog   about the introduction of the Tesla Model S . Since that time, I’ve seen the stylish Model S on the road from
time to time. With ...

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Have a Nice Tay
The Day the Denizens of the Internet Corrupted a Microsoft AI On March 23rd, Microsoft Research introduced what was essentially an artificial intelligence (AI)  chatbot named "Tay" to the world via twitter (TayTweets on twitter, @Tayandyou). Tay was designe...

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Terrorism, Technology, Security, Privacy, Apple and the FBI
Image credit: The FBI has requested that Apple help to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernadino shooters.  I’ve been thinking about whether I could add anything useful to the discussion and  decided
the following three things: Neither Appl...

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Virtual Reality Comes of Age
But your new headset might require a new computer VR headsets were a  big deal at this year's CES  show, probably because the chance for early adopters to buy is almost upon us. The rest of us, though, might want to wait a little longer while computing powe...

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Who invented Bitcoin?
Satoshi Nakamoto
“outed” twice, but we still may not know. Truly new forms of currency
don’t come along every day. I’m not talking about Apple Pay or Google Wallet, which are payment technologies that serve as
convenience abstractions for established curren...
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