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Mark Correa
Father, husband, online strategist.
Father, husband, online strategist.


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The most unattractive picture of bacon ever?

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Should be fun ...

Just over a year on Google+ ... and this is my 7th post. That said, it seems a little more tempting now than it was before. Guess that's a good thing.

Haven't been around in a while. The place is still a ghost town, though, huh?

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Careful +David Farré (and anyone else moving in that direction, as I was considering) --
Google shuts down TV station's Google+ account; doesn't want businesses joining the network yet.

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I'm loving Spotify ... about to wave goodbye to Pandora and forever.

OK, more people coming to the party, but G+ still isn't quite clicking ...

Philly Media's whole tablet initiative sounds like a giveaway in exchange for circulation. That's not terribly innovative, even if they're doing it with a new medium. Is there really something new here? Somewhere?
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