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We sat on the corner so I had head-on shots of most of the units. Some photos are named and cropped to standard desktop sizes; junior highs are not (Sorry). Full resolution versions of all photos are included so some are here twice. Please share and tag folks. Reuse & redistribution is welcome under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) .
Naperville Memorial Day Parade 2014
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I just got invited to Jolicloud 2 #housewarming party. Seems worth a look at least.

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I tried to get out of the Monday- Saturday print edition of the Chicago Tribune so I could just get Sunday and digital, but it would have cost me 89 cents more a week to NOT get the print version. So I just keep recycling newsprint. That's just DUMB.
An album I want to buy came out today, the Legend of Korra soundtrack, and so I went to, because I prefer their mp3 store to using iTunes. That’s when I noticed that the mp3 album is $10.99, and buying the CD, which includes a free copy of the album on mp3, is $8.89.

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Ray Trygstad hung out with 1 person.Tyler Rehder

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